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What state has the most deer per square mile
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Updated May There is a plethora of articles and information about which states are best for filling tags with big what state has the most deer per square mile deer. But do you know which states здесь the highest success rates for hunters, or which states have the largest number of deer per square mile?

Do you know which states have seasons that extend into February? Taking a trophy deer is not the only way to have a successful hunt. Defining success on a hunt is a personal decision and while many factors are involved, often we find hunters define success as taking a large, mature buck.

Other times success is defined differently. Many people have different goals for different hunts throughout the season. Sometimes hunters know a specific big buck is in the area and the focus is on matching wits with him while letting smaller bucks walk and passing up chances to fill the freezer with a doe. This was the case with me in when I took my year-old nephew hunting for several days, and then a few weeks later took my nine-year-old son out for a handful of sits in a stand.

Both of them found it hard to sit still for the first few hours in the stand but after we saw some deer, they /23506.txt in and were able to be still and what state has the most deer per square mile in the stand for the next few days. They both ended up taking their first deer ever, and these are two of the most memorable hunts I have ever been on. In this article, we will shine the light on some of the places you may want to eyeball when searching for places to hunt.

No matter your goal, you can find a place hopefully nearby that fits your criteria for a hunting location using onX Hunt, the best app for deer hunting. For this category, the approach is fairly simple: the number of deer harvested from this National Deer Association NDA reportwith estimates what state has the most deer per square mile on previous years where data was incomplete compared to the number of hunting licenses sold. Not all of these hunters were hunting deer for example, South Dakota has a lot of licenses sold to people that hunt pheasantbut data on estimates or totals источник deer tags sold in many states was unavailable, so we factored in hunting licenses sold for this article.

But it does give a good look into which states give you the best chance at putting meat in the freezer. South Carolina and Mississippi come in at. Here we are looking at the number of bucks harvested in relation to the size of the state. Most 10k races parts of the state will certainly have different deer population densities, so we suggest doing /2671.txt bit of research on your own to further narrow your hunting location.

However, on average these states lead the way when it comes to the number of bucks harvested in a season per square mile. DelawareMichiganand Pennsylvania tie for the most in the country with an average of 3.

South Carolina whitetail hunters average 3. Whitetail hunters should note that while there are whitetail deer in just about all of the Lower 48 and parts of Canada, for the purposes of this post we are focusing on states where whitetail are the primary big game species.

This data primarily comes from a report by Backcountry Chronicles and includes lands owned by the U. Forest Service, BLM, and the state with sources and assumptions listed at the bottom of the report. These walk-in lands were included as well, although most programs list a rounded estimate of the land in their what state has the most deer per square mile program, and the number of acres can change often or may be based off state data that may be a year or more old.

Some states have many hunters in the woods, while others offer relative solitude. The density of hunters often changes based on weapon; rifle season can be the most crowded time of year for most hunters. Some states, however, simply have fewer hunters in the woods than others. We compared the size of the state to the number of hunters. This formula gives the number of acres per hunter the higher the number the less hunter-densitywhich is as low what state has the most deer per square mile 30 to 40 acres per hunter in some states Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

On the other end of the spectrum, four states have more than acres for each hunter North DakotaNebraskaSouth Dakotaand Floridaand 11 states offer more than acres per hunter. Seasons vary within many states based on unit or zone, and also on the type of weapon used, but these states each offer the hunter a chance at sitting in a stand well into the new year. Not only is the season longer, but the rut may be much later in these states as well, offering you a chance to hunt the rut in your home state and then hunt the rut again in another state.

Seasons vary each year, so do additional research on привед, pet friendly cabins near asheville nc – pet friendly cabins near asheville nc ты=))))) state you may hunt.

So what states are best for whitetail deer hunting? The best states in which to hunt deer are going to be different for different people. Access Initiatives. Elite Membership. Pick Your State. Become an onX Member for the best outdoor adventure apps with tools to get you there and back safely. Open App. Start Free Trial Open Map. Buy Now Start Free Trial.



The Best Deer Hunting States in – Silencer Central.Best Deer Hunting States – Five Factors for Success | onX

States with the Highest Deer Density · Mississippi: 38 deer per square mile · Pennsylvania: 34 deer per square mile · Wisconsin: 33 deer per square. Delaware, Michigan, and Pennsylvania tie for the most in the country with an average of bucks harvested per square mile. South Carolina.


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