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What is the most beautiful city in north carolina
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Over the years, the local workforce has transitioned into new industries, focusing strongly on medicine and innovation. But if it is busy, soaking up the wonderful sights and sounds of the Pisgah National Forest are a great option too. This quiet town is an excellent place to raise a family. Five miles south of Carolina Beach in the Wilmington area, the fort was built in to defend the Confederacy. One of the most appreciated features of Goose Creek State Park — located in rural eastern North Carolina outside of Washington — is the quiet. Primary Menu UpNest.

What is the most beautiful city in north carolina


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10 Beautiful Places to Visit Across North Carolina | .17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in North Carolina – The Crazy Tourist


In our very humble opinion, North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful towns in the nation. Places that are quaint, unique, welcoming, and of course… totally picturesque. Did your town make the list? What are your favorite beautiful small towns in North Carolina? Tell us in the comments below! For more beautiful places to visit in the Tar Heel State, check out these 10 quaint towns that are under-the-radar gems!

While the above list of beautiful small towns in North Carolina has some total stunners, we are also partial to Burnsville, a small town in the western part of the state near Mount Mitchell. Burnsville has a vibrant downtown, amazing restaurants, and some of the most scenic beauty in all of North Carolina! In fact, Yancey County where Burnsville is located is home to six of the 10 tallest peaks on the East Coast, making it a popular destination for not only outdoor enthusiasts, but avid hikers, campers, and those looking for a bit of adventure.

One of the many amazing qualities of North Carolina is the wide assortment of different dwellings — from metropolitan hubs like Charlotte to charming, historic small towns like Bath, and then the comfortable middle of small cities like Winston-Salem or Wilmington.

In keeping with the small town theme, these 10 towns in North Carolina are breathtakingly beautiful. With such varied and vibrant scenery, North Carolina towns can be found in the most scenic areas, from the coast to the mountains — and everything in between!

Beaufort is one of our favorites; this small coastal town is the third oldest in the state of North Carolina. Beaufort even has its own Blackbeard history, too, making it perfect for a day trip adventure in North Carolina! Incorporated in , Bath is North Carolina’s oldest town and home of former pirate Blackbeard. The history is very much alive here. You’ll certainly be in awe at the Van Der Veer house built in and St.

Thomas Episcopal Church pictured above built in Brevard has a cozy downtown with sweeping mountain views. The city also boasts a strong economy as well as top-notch educational opportunities. Located minutes from Raleigh-Durham International Airport and three major research universities, Apex is conveniently located. There are plenty of jobs in Apex, too.

Be sure to check out Downtown Apex. Many buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Looking for a North Carolina Realtor who can help you find your dream home in one of the 10 best cities to live in North Carolina? UpNest is here to save you time and money, and get you the best Realtor.

Choose from top agents who will expertly guide you through the entire buying process and address any of your questions or concerns. North Carolina has a thriving business climate, low cost of living and beautiful landscapes across the state, living in North Carolina is a dream. North Carolina has 41 state parks, 10 national parks, and four national forests. North Carolina is an exceptionally affordable place to live.

According to AreaVibes, the overall cost of living index for the state is 95, five points below the national average of In addition, home prices are plenty reasonable — even in large metro areas. Primary Menu UpNest. Search for: Search. Agents Compete, You Win. Is it a good idea to move to North Carolina? Is North Carolina a good state to live in?

Is Earnest Money Refundable? Featuring five colleges and an energetic local arts scene, Greensboro has a central location in the northern end of the state. The town has developed several green initiatives, prioritizing sustainability and protecting the surrounding nature. This allows residents the opportunity to enjoy local culture and explore the 90 miles of nature trails and greenways on the same day. The cost of living here is cheaper than other cities in North Carolina while still offering an excellent level of amenities, employment and social opportunities.

The last of the Research Triangle cities on this list, Raleigh is a highly rated place to live. The state capital of North Carolina has done more than enough to become famous for other reasons. Well-maintained parks exist in great numbers, along with museums, local sport, live music and ample outdoor adventures.

Along Cape Fear River, Wilmington is a historic port city that continues to grow in stature and popularity. Home to UNC-Wilmington, the city has a strong student population, with many sticking around to begin their careers among the beautiful scenery. This allows Wilmington to balance its history with a youthful vibe that makes it a fantastic place to call home. The downtown streets are bustling with plenty of opportunities for work and to make your first entry into the housing market.

Its location near the ocean gives the city an added beach town vibe with plenty of stunning day trips to go on. Queen City, the largest metropolis in North Carolina, has a population of over , people. Like the population suggests, Charlotte has all the offerings of a major city with a vibrant hospitality scene along with excellent arts, culture and nearby nature. Compared to other major cities, life in Charlotte offers a reduced cost of living.

The housing market remains relatively affordable, by standards, and the job market is competitive. Featuring some of the best scenery in North Carolina, Asheville has become one of the most attractive towns in the state. The popular tourist destination has undergone a population boom as people try to better balance big city amenities with access to nature and small city life.


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