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What is in season for hunting in north carolina
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5 rows · Oct. 2-Nov. 19**. Firearms. Oct. Jan. 1**. **Season dates vary by zone. Urban archery deer. Crow. Aug. 3, – Feb. 25, June 7 – July 29, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of each week. Crows may also be hunted on Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, . AdonX Hunt is the #1 mapping, wind & weather tool used by millions of hunters on & offline. Hunting Districts, Public/Private Land Boundaries, Landowner Names, BLM & has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month.


What’s currently in season throughout North Carolina?.


Fox: Fox season with dogs only no firearms is open year-round, but some areas of the state restrict this type of hunting, and some counties have different conditions when hunting foxes. See www. The following small game animals are legal to hunt all year: groundhog, nutria, coyote, striped skunk, armadillo, and wild hogs. Aside from having no closed seasons, hunting these animals also carries no bag limit. Turkey hunting season is just around the corner, and pretty soon every fish that swims will be biting, but for now, these small game seasons can keep you off the couch and enjoying the outdoors.

Become the most informed Sportsman you know, with a membership to the Carolina Sportsman Magazine and CarolinaSportsman. These four North Carolina hunters show that practice makes perfect when archery hunting. NC offshore anglers continue to break state records. In addition, the state offers accommodating small game seasons that encompass armadillos, pheasants, quail and more.

Looking for more information on North Carolina hunting regulations, licenses and other details for a safe and legal hunting? Note : Antlered deer are considered any deer with bony structures that protrude through the skin. Deer with knobs or buttons covered by skin or velvet are not considered antlered deer. Antlerless deer taken during the Urban Archery Season should be recorded on your Bonus Antlerless Report Cards and do not count against your statewide limit.

Two antlerless deer can be taken per card and unlimited cards are available to each hunter. Archery — longbows, recurves, compound bows, crossbows or slingbows are all legal for deer hunting in North Carolina.

Longbows, recurves and slingbows must have a minimum pull of 40 pounds. Compound bows must have at least 35 pounds of pull, and crossbows must have at least Blackpowder — any muzzle-loading rifle, muzzle-loading shotgun, or muzzle-loading or cylinder-loading handgun that is designed to use blackpowder, blackpowder substitute, or any other propellant loaded through the muzzle, cylinder, or breech and that cannot use fixed ammunition.

See Bear Seasons Map. This includes archery hunters that hunt on Sunday during the deer firearms season and anyone hunting on Youth Deer Hunting Day.

An abstract of local laws that are more restrictive than general regulations is included in this Digest. It is unlawful to place exotic species of wild animals or wild birds not indigenous to that area or feral swine in an area for the purpose of stocking the area for hunting or trapping. An individual may accept the gift of wildlife lawfully taken within North Carolina if taking possession does not cause the individual to exceed the applicable possession limit and the individual possesses and preserves in writing the name and address of the donor and under what license requirements the wildlife was taken.

Additionally, individuals taking possession of a big game animal deer, bear, or wild turkey must retain the authorization number of that animal. The establishment of open seasons does not obligate the private landowner to allow hunting on his or her property, nor does it eliminate the ethical requirement for obtaining permission from the landowner before hunting.

It is unlawful to import, transport, or posses a cervid carcass or cervid carcass parts originating from outside North Carolina, except for the following:. For more information about CWD and other deer diseases, visit ncwildlife. North Carolina. Manner of Taking Definition of Take To take is defined as all operations during, immediately preparatory and immediately subsequent to an attempt, whether successful or not, to capture, kill, pursue, hunt or otherwise harm or reduce to possession any fisheries resource or wildlife resource.

Season Dates For most species, hunting seasons are set to open on the same day of the week every year and at the same general time. General Restrictions Lawful seasons and bag limits for each species apply beginning with the first day of the listed season and continuing through the last day of the listed season with Sunday hunting restrictions listed in the next paragraph. On Sundays the following apply: Hunting with firearms between a. Archery equipment may be used to hunt on Sundays without the restrictions applied to hunting with firearms.

Migratory game birds may be taken only during the hours and in the manner permitted by federal regulations. See Migratory Game Bird Seasons for shooting hours for migratory birds. Archery Equipment When used for hunting in North Carolina archery equipment is defined as any device that has a solid stationary handle with two limbs and a string that uses non-pneumatic means to propel a single arrow or bolt.

Longbows, recurved bows, compound bows and crossbows are legal for hunting all species with an open hunting season. When used to hunt bear, deer, elk, wild turkey, alligator and feral swine: Longbows and recurved bows must have a minimum pull of 40 pounds Compound bows must have a minimum pull of 35 pounds.

Crossbows must have a minimum pull of pounds Only arrows and bolts with a fixed minimum broadhead width of seven-eighths of an inch or a mechanically opening broadhead with a width of at least seven-eighths of an inch in the open position shall be used. Slingbows having a minimum pull of 40 pounds may be used during legal hunting seasons for hunting deer, wild turkey, small game animals, nongame animals and nongame fish.

Blunt-type arrow heads may be used in taking small animals and birds, including rabbits, squirrels, quail and grouse.


What is in season for hunting in north carolina. Make safety a priority this deer hunting season


Last Updated on July 14, by Brian Grossman. Here are the season dates for archery, primitive weapons and firearms, as well as the general rules and regulations you need to know for the upcoming season. This is not a comprehensive list of all deer hunting regulations, so you should always refer to Regulations Digest available Aug. September 10 — October 2, ; October 16 — November 20, ; December 11, — January 2, antlered deer only. On this day, youth under the age of 18 may use any legal weapon to hunt deer of either-sex.

Refer to the Regulations Digest for a description of legal weapons. It is illegal to take cubs less than 75 pounds or female bears with cubs. Nonresidents must obtain a bear hunting license prior to hunting. Box-trapping does not require a trapping license, but does require a hunting license.

Grouse: Grouse season runs through Feb. Crows: Crow hunting season ends Feb. Bobcat: Hunters can hunt bobcats through Feb. No limits are enforced for these game animals.

Fox: Fox season with dogs only no firearms is open year-round, but some areas of the state restrict this type of hunting, and some counties have different conditions when hunting foxes. When is deer hunting season in North Carolina? Can you hunt alligators in North Carolina?

Yes, you can hunt gators in NC but you need a permit. Read more. Thank you! Your submission has been received! About Contact.

Hunting Seasons Blog. Interested in the joining our mission? Drop us a line and let us know how you can help, we’d love to hear from you. Except as allowed in authorized field trials and training using domestically raised waterfowl or game birds, it is unlawful to possess axes, saws or tree-climbing equipment while training or running dogs during closed season. Individuals engaged in training dogs and individuals who are active participants in field trials must have an appropriate hunting license.

When training dogs during the closed season, hunters may use domestically raised waterfowl or game birds provided that they use shot shells with shot of number 4 size or smaller and the shot is nontoxic when training with waterfowl. Further restrictions apply to training dogs on game lands during the closed season. Field Trials Commission-sanctioned field trials may allow hunters to conduct field trials with dogs in areas and at times authorized with the use of approved weapons and ammunition and may authorize the use of certain domestically raised birds.

Active participants in field trials are people who handle dogs or firearms. For Commission-sanctioned field trials, active participants may use a hunting license from their state of residence.

For all other types of field trials, active participants must have a N. For Commission-sanctioned field trials, judges do not need to have a hunting license. For all other types of field trials, judges must have a N. A Commission sanctioned field trial permit may be obtained online at ncwildlife.

Motor Vehicles, Boats and Vessels It is unlawful to use any of the following in taking wild birds or animals: a motor vehicle while the passenger area is occupied or while the vehicle engine is running.

Artificial Lights and Electronic Calls It is unlawful to use artificial lights including laser sights and electronic or recorded calls in taking wild birds or animals except as follows: artificial lights may be used to retrieve harvested big game. Other exceptions for migratory game birds may be found under individual season descriptions.

In addition to the prohibition of taking wildlife with the use of artificial light, except for big game retrieval, many counties have local regulations that prohibit shining lights on deer or searching for deer with lights 30 minutes after sunset or after 11 p. A color-coded map showing county shining laws is in Deer Regulations. Other Restricted Methods It is unlawful to use fire in taking wild birds or animals.

Exotic Species It is unlawful to place exotic species of wild animals or wild birds not indigenous to that area or feral swine in an area for the purpose of stocking the area for hunting or trapping.

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