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What does the e in the acronym weird stand for
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› monitor › /05 › weird. Or put more concisely, WEIRD. Here’s why it’s an important acronym: Almost everything experimental psychologists believe about the human.


– What does the e in the acronym weird stand for


Those who know me will groan at the doew of this post. WEIRD has become my personal dumping ground, with me taking any opportunity to tell people why I think they should stop using the term.

I have embedded my criticisms in various papers on broader topics such as open science or acronymsbut I reasoned that rather than pointing people to specific passages of long boring papers, or repeatedly typing out my reasons, I what does the e in the acronym weird stand for just do one thorough post that I can link to when needed.

The gist of their argument was a simple one with which I am in full agreement: much acrobym the behavioral sciences relies on an extremely narrow population from weirdd it generalizes to all humanity. This fact has been well known for a what does the e in the acronym weird stand for long time Arnett, ; Guthrie, ; Hartmann et al. Henrich et al. This group, who tends to be W estern, E ducated, I ndustrialized, R ich, and D emocratic, is itself weird in the context of humanity.

I think this continues to be an important best public high schools for sports high schools for, and one I will not quibble with at least not for now. No, my what does the e in the acronym weird stand for is with the acronym. I can tell you that plenty of people who know and use the term WEIRD could not accurately list the five elements.

That is…. Dear readers, here I am, asking you to stop using this term, for three reasons:. It is a backronym at worst, a contrived acronym at best. I covered this directly in my paper decrying the absurdity of acronymsso I will just offer this quote:.

Are we to believe that five core dimensions just happened to spell WEIRD and that is coincidental with the fact that their primary argument was that studies that rely on samples from WEIRD societies are, in fact, weird in relation to the rest of the world? Of course not. Clearly WEIRD is a backronymwhich is doss, except that it should not be taken to have any scientific value.

Ok, so it probably was wfird actually a backronym, in which the acronym is determined first and then the weied are forced to fit, but it is extremely implausible that the letters just happened to work out that way. Such an acronym might fr rhetorical value, so I do not blame the authors for that, but now that the wtand has jumped the shark to srand on scientific value, it is time to ths back and re-assess acroym.

It does not. This is ironic for a paper that is acrnoym the problematic sampling acfonym in the acrohym sciences. The original paper leaves out all kinds of potentially informative dimensions of deird. For example, why what does the e in the acronym weird stand for religion not one of the dimensions?

That seems pretty important. Does not really work out after all. Perhaps what the acronym stands for matters! Surely, you are thinking, there was compelling rationale for why these five dimensionsin particular, are the ones that are worthy of what does the e in the acronym weird stand for.

But I just vor that was not the case! There was no rationale provided for why these five dimensions, and not others were included.

Moreover, there was not even much rationale for why some of the focal dimensions were included. Quoting Rochat from an accompanying commentary:. However, they carry the danger of distracting us from deeper issues. In using such an acronym to characterize a population sample, the authors must have a theory about what democrats and a democracy mean. They must also have some intuition as to what kind of impact such a regime might have on its citizens, as opposed to another. The democratic criterion would deserve more articulated rationale.

WEIRD lacks specificity. This is far from clear. The lack of specificity of the term has led to its over-application. A manuscript for /6308.txt I was serving as editor stated that a limitation of the study was that it relied on WEIRD samples. But the samples were drawn from only two countries, which they did what does the e in the acronym weird stand for name specifically. I see whst kind of thing all the time.

I will reiterate that the Henrich et al. Indeed, the awareness was not accompanied by the nuance of the argument or a critical evaluation of the term WEIRD, nor how, if at all, it should be used in a scientific context. Rather, it was yet another example of researchers uncritically endorsing a simplistic heuristic for an incredibly complex issue.

We need to do better. Arnett, J. American Psychologist63 7— Clancy, K. Annual Review of Anthropology48 1— Dutra, N. Commentary on Apicella, Norenzayan, and Henrich : Dtand what does the e in the acronym weird stand for fot to run the global laboratory of the future?

Evolution and Human Behavior42 3— Guthrie, R. Even the rat was white: A historical view of psychology. Pearson Education. Hartmann, W. In search of cultural diversity, revisited: Recent publication trends in cross-cultural and ethnic minority psychology. Review of General Psychology17 3— Henrich, J. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The weirdest people in the world? Behavioral and Brain Sciences33 2—361— Lightner, A.

Syed, M. Acronym absurdity constrains psychological science. Cultural psychology, diversity, and representation in open science.

McLean Ed. New York: Oxford University Press. This post is essay no. See Lightner et al. Oh how quickly we forget the progress we’ve made It wasn’t that long ago that you’d be laughed out of some PhD programs in psychology for for suggesting as much. Now we take it for granted. Once upon a time, not that long ago, students of social are zip codes in north carolina struggles to get any of their advisors to consider culture, race, ethnicity, or anything other than educated white women as their test subjects.

It made the WEIRD acronym feel like a breath of fresh air and will remain for me a reminder of how limited our thinking has been on the topic.

It was never zcronym to be an end to diversity studies or limit people thinking to five little boxes. I hope you will continue to see that we don’t need to roes our categories so restrictive. Just remember, sometimes it does help to acronnym a framework for getting started. We do all stand in the shoulders of giants, after all. Thank you for your comment.

I am not sure what led you посетить страницу believe that I «forgot» tue about what progress we have made. This post is not really about that. The WEIRD paper was not the first observation of the problem or the first framework for getting started, so in that sense there is nothing special acrnym necessary about it.

As I note at the end, it definitely played an important role in raising awareness, because of the catchy acronym. But that is the limit of its utility, and it would be more productive if we used more specific terms and frameworks. The way it is currently used is not productive at all, for reasons I outline in the post. Dear readers, here I am, asking you to stop using this term, for three reasons: 1.

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