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As many kinds of digital music services and platforms are readily available for users to purchase and listen to songs on portable devices, some people intend to copy music content from their own or purchased CDs for easy listening. Thus, various media players and utilities come out with a CD ripping feature for this aim. What does ripping a CD mean? We will walk you through the term in this article. Although the word of ripping sounds a little intimidating, the CD ripping process will not cause any damage to the original content and the physical disc.

Before ripping a DVD , you should be clear about the main considerations to avoid any possible copyright infringement. If you have purchased a music CD legitimately, you can only rip digital files from the CD for personal use including backup aims and transferring to your music player for listening; distribution of digital files ripped from the CD disc is forbidden no matter for commercial or uncommercial intentions.

Install the DVD ripper here to enjoy super-fast ripping speed and lossless output quality. For ripping CDs, there are many functional options. You can either use a dedicated CD ripper or make the process easier with the help of Windows Media Player. Step 1. Select the CD drive letter from the left toolbar. Step 2. If you want to set the output folder, select the More options… tab, Rip Music, then Change to designate the location for saving output tracks.

Step 3. When everything is set, select Rip CD. Windows Media Player will rip all tracks from the disc by default. Yet if you only want to extract specific tracks, deselect the box next to unwanted tracks. When the selected tracks are ripped, check them in the output folder. We hope you have got the gist after reading this post. In addition, please rip your own CDs for personal fair use only. Any actions of sharing, uploading, and downloading ripped tracks from CDs are copyright infringements.

Thus, you can watch movies anytime and anywhere or store movie collections in digital ways. Free Download. Recommended by the author. Do not rip a CD borrowed from others. Final Words What does ripping a CD mean? All Rights Reserved.



– Ripping a CD vs Burning a CD

Ripping a CD is copying music from a CD onto a computer. Many people rip CDs to make a music library, to burn a new CD, or even. Ripping is extracting all or parts of digital contents from a container. Originally, it meant to rip music out of Commodore 64 games. When you rip music from a CD, you’re.


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