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SM6 Band: Who are they? – The Downey Legend.


The Standard Missile-6 SM-6 is a multi-mission missile capable of antiair warfare, terminal ballistic missile defense, and antiship strike roles. It uses a blast-fragmentation warhead to engage these threats in the endo-atmosphere. The U. Navy has also upgraded the SM-6 to perform strike missions. After the development of the SM-2 Block IV, the Navy turned its attention to the development of an active-radiofrequency seeker to continue to expand its capability for over-the-horizon engagement.

In the National Defense Authorization Act, the Navy received congressional authority to sign a multi-year procurement agreement for SM-6 interceptors over the next five years.

An August retest resolved the issue in a non-intercept test. A series of failures in development and operational testing in paused the SM-6 program temporarily. In one failure, the missile failed to communicate with the ship due to a software issue later resolved by changes to the software.

A fuze software design error caused two more failures, resulting in a redesign. A problem with the missile navigation system caused the final failure. This active terminal seeker gives the SM-6 a number of advantages. More critically, an active seeker allows the missile to engage targets beyond the range of shipboard radars, which are limited by power output and the curvature of the earth. When integrated with other sensors through networks like the Cooperative Engagement Capability CEC , SM-6 can conduct engagements beyond the range of any prior air defense interceptor, and set a record for the longest range antiair warfare engagement during a test in The SM-6 Dual I can intercept both cruise missiles and ballistic missiles in their terminal phase.

Navy plans to eventually purchase 1, of the missiles. Syring, testified in that an SM-6 Increment 2 would be certified and operational by , though he did not specify what the upgrades will add to the system. You launch it from surface ships. Can do it in the atmosphere, has very low altitude, acquire them, attack them, kill them. This is a new anti-ship mode.

It makes the SM-6 basically a twofer. Can shoot down airborne threats. And now you can attack and destroy a ship at long range with the very same missile. We actually tested it secretly last month, and it worked. Jeffrey H. McConnell and Lorra L. John S. Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. LaGrone, James D. Freeberg, Jr. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website.


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The talented siblings have been performing together now for years, but with the help of TikTok , this has definitely been their year to shine. They have more than 1. Not only can they sing and make wonderful music, but they ‘ re hilarious to boot.

But how exactly did the band form, and what is it like making music with your five siblings? We went directly to SM6 and asked them all of our most burning questions to find out. Sweety High: Have the six of you always wanted to make music together?

At what point did you actually form the band? SM6: We formed our band in and got a taste of what it ‘ s like to perform live for people and that ‘ s when we knew we wanted to pursue music. For the longest time we were just performing covers, up until three years ago when we decided to go all original. SH: What would you all say are everyone ‘ s places within the band?

SM6: We call Isabel the band mom, and everyone else also has their own titles as well. Such as George the peacekeeper, Jack the food guy, Eliana the kindred spirit, Adam the glue and last but not least Emily the wild child because her energy is always super high!

SH: What ‘ s the hardest thing about being in a band with all of your siblings? What ‘ s the easiest part? SM6: The hardest part is getting Jack and Eliana to focus during rehearsals! Since they ‘ re young they always wanna play. The easiest part is that we know each other so well and we are always on the same page when it comes to any decision making. SM6: The name is a remembrance of our origins and where we started, and how much we ‘ ve grown. Our original band name was » Summer Monkeys » —we know!

We were young when we chose that name. SH: What do you think it is about TikTok that ‘ s allowed you to succeed in such an impactful way there? SM6: Honestly, it was all the hate from one video you know which one that launched us to the point we are at today. We have this quote, don ‘ t know where it ‘ s from but, » There ‘ s no such thing as bad publicity «!

In all seriousness though, people seemed to find it inspiring that we didn ‘ t listen to the haters and kept doing our own thing. We believe that no person can ever tell you who you are or gonna be, so just be you and do your own thing.

SH: How has the pandemic changed the way you all make music together, if at all? Has it been a challenge? SM6: It hasn ‘ t changed much for us writing songs together, but we are dying to get out, perform shows and meet all the wonderful fans face to face. SH: Are there any artists that are particularly inspiring you during these unusual times? SM6: Surprisingly, no! But we are really into the song » Stacy ‘ s Mom » by Fountains of Wayne.

SH: Is there anything else you ‘ d like to add? SM6: Thank you so much for having us! Follow us. Yes I am 13 years old or older. By subscribing, you agree to Sweety High’s Privacy Policy. Photo credit: Lenfilms Sweety High: Have the six of you always wanted to make music together? View this post on Instagram. Privacy Policy. Extra Credit. Social Impact.

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