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It was a premium variant of its other RT siblings since it came with air conditioning, power windows, a rear defogger, and Electronic Voice Alert. Today, Dodge is not using the RT emblem anymore.

But it still attaches this badge to their special edition cars designed to be driven on the streets and race tracks. These Dodge cars were stamped with the RT emblem in But there is now a Dodge car for those who can afford more powerful performance. This is the Dodge car with the SRT badge. Over the years, Dodge or Chrysler has built many RT models. Here are the Dodge RT model years and their respective descriptions:.

Chrysler started giving the car market a peak on its Dodge Viper in different RAM brand events in Finally, they launched the Dodge Viper as a 2-seater coupe powered by a V10 engine. This engine can deliver a massive horsepower and pound-foot of torque.

This made it a candidate for constant emission testing. As a Dodge RT vehicle, the Viper has power windows, leather seats, and a console shifter with paddle shifters. This is just the car for those who have the budget for race cars and also want to have the experience of driving it. The Dodge Challenger RT from to boasted of worry-free maintenance during its six years of production.

While it is no longer in production, this Dodge RT car is still popular among car enthusiasts. Like the other Dodge RT cars, you can also drive the Challenger on the race tracks for those unsatisfied with driving it on city streets.

This car is capable on normal pavement and race pavements because of its performance parts. Its engine is a V8 that can deliver horsepower and pound-foot of torque. It can deliver horsepower and pound-feet of torque.

As an RT vehicle, it can be used for daily driving and on race tracks. It also has wider tires and bigger brakes. The interior of this Dodge RT vehicle offers excellent standard features that include leather seats, a console shifter with paddle shifters, and power windows.

These cars are specially built for a particular segment of the car market — those who want affordable but performance-oriented cars:. Admittedly, Dodge cars with the RT emblem are more expensive than your daily drives.

But they are significantly lower in their sticker prices than sports cars. With powerful engines, bigger brakes, superior suspension components, and so forth, you can safely drive a Dodge RT car on the race tracks.

These cars are designed for city streets and race tracks. Your daily drive will be able to negotiate city streets safely but will fumble on the race tracks. Dodge RT cars can do both. If you are looking for a performance car on a budget, the Dodge RT is it. With bigger tires, your car will have added grip on the road and improved vehicle protection. Again, Dodge RT cars have tires that are more comprehensive than ordinary tires so that they can provide enhanced handling, especially in the twisties at high speeds.

While they may be slower than other cars in their class, their cornering and braking abilities are comparable to sports cars. These Dodge RT cars are just excellent for racing. A Dodge RT car has bigger brakes, so you can drive it at the race tracks and slow it down or stop it whenever you need to. If it can do that on the race tracks, it can surely give you absolute safety on city streets. Chrysler made sure that the bigger engines of their Dodge RTs would be coupled with bigger brakes so their driver would have the confidence that they have full control of their cars, whatever the road situation was.

Car manufacturers have used the Dodge RT vehicles as their reference in building and selling their vehicles. As such, there are many performance parts available in the market. You will easily find the performance parts needed to enable your vehicle to race against other high-performance vehicles.

Since they were built not just for city streets but for race tracks, Dodge RT cars are generally lighter in weight than similar cars in their class. It is their lighter weights that enable them to run faster than standard cars on the race tracks. For instance, the base model of the Dodge Charger SE has a curb weight of 4, pounds. While Dodge RTs may have several advantages, they also have some disadvantages.

The most notable cons of Dodge RTs are the following:. Dodge RT cars are not just attractive to average drivers because they are more expensive than standard cars. This price point makes it expensive for the average earner. While performance parts are available in the market, their availability is limited.

Since Dodge RT cars cater to a tiny segment of the car market, the availability of their parts is not as extensive as the parts of standard cars. Archived from the original on July 15, Archived from the original on July 12, Archived from the original on January 31, Archived from the original on July 3, Archived from the original on November 2, Archived from the original on August 18, Archived from the original on Ford SVT Lightning vs.

Toyota TRD Tacoma». Archived from the original on January 7, November 6, Stellantis North America. Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Stellantis —present.

Maxwell Motor Company. United States Council for Automotive Research. Robert Kidder Thomas W. Engines 3. Category Commons. Categories : Chrysler Dodge Muscle cars. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.


R/T – Wikipedia.


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RT – What does RT stand for? The Free Dictionary.

R/T is the performance marker used on Dodge/Chrysler automobiles since the s (much like Chevrolet Super Sport). R/T stands for Road/Track. R/T models. When RT is used to mean «real talk,» it’s meant to inform others about the seriousness of what’s being said. It’s similar to saying, «In all. Many performance car enthusiasts have tossed the term R/T around, but many drivers don’t know what Dodge R/T means. R/T stands for.


R/T – What does R/T stand for? The Free Dictionary – Road and Track Trim (R/T) History

You may have heard performance car enthusiasts toss the term “R/T” around, but not really know what it means. It stands for “Road/Track,”. RT, Retweet (also seen as R/T; Twitter) ; RT, Rate ; RT, Retirement ; RT, Real-Time.

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