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What does r mean in car window
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If you f closely at the windows of your car you will notice some type of markings and text and on it. What do they mean exactly? Depending on the car brand, this is sometimes present and sometimes not. Also Read: Window tints: Darker shades for cooler cabins? Next is the logo of the glass manufacturer. Also Read: Man breaks car window in attempt to remove evidence of sexual harassment.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, DOT stands for Department of transportation. For the European standard, the standards differ with E1 representing German standards, E2 representing French standards, E3 representing Italian standards, and so on. The numbers to the right of смотрите подробнее «E» logo e. It’s a long list that ij can look up. Also Read: What are those hieroglyphs on tyres? Some windows have «T» or «TP» to represent tempered glass and «L» to represent laminated glass, while im just have «Laminated» or «Tempered» spelled out explicitly.

Things like «Lamisafe», on the other hand, are brand specific products. Take for example this marking on a glass marking from FuYao Glass Industry. So, basically July What does r mean in car window ссылка dots are located before the number, the sum of the dots equals the month of manufacture.

So, the glass was manufactured on 17 November Now you can tell some basic узнать больше здесь like the brand, подробнее на этой странице of glass, and sate of manufacture, just by deciphering these labels.

Have fun figuring out when your windows were made! Previously an engineer in an automotive manufacturing company and a highway concessionaire. A part-time research student on biofuels and diesel engines. Obsessed with what does r mean in car window electrification and the future of transportation.

All you need to find your next perfect car is here. Arif Writer. Related News. Mazda’s GVC Plus system works so well, you won’t realise until it’s gone. Hold onto your Beam as they teach you how to ride an e-scooter. After being short-lived in W, are Malaysians ready for Mercedes C 1. Popular Car Brands in Malaysia. View More. Brand Model Year Variant Mileage. Add your car. Not trading-in? Sell your car.

Latest News. Mazda’s innovative SkyActiv-X might shat axed due to sluggish sales? Let’s take a closer look. Thailand introduces stricter penalties against dangerous driving; To go after tuner shops selling illegal mods. Coming inthe unloved Toyota CH-R’s next evolution could look like this; we don’t blame you for wanting one.

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What does r mean in car window

It stands for “Not Of This World”. It is a quote from the Christian Bible that asks them to live with biblical values, even though the world around us may not. › r › whatisthisthing › comments › r_sticker_symbol_on_.


What does r mean in car window –

Refers to a type of window which includes a permanent appendage projecting parallel to the plane of the wall, located at or near the exterior surface of the window for the purpose of . Jan 03,  · TP-M33A – This is the model number of the glass. TP here means tempered, 33 means mm thickness and A means for use in Automobiles. Since tempered glass has . Jun 06,  · R.O. stands for “rough opening.”. It is the roughed-out space or opening where a window is to be installed. The R.O. should be approximately 7/8“ larger than the outside .


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