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What does p.a.d.r.e. stand for in fear the walking dead
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After years of seeing nothing from the U. I mean, that is what it means, right? The latter was only read in when the outbreak hit; everyone else knew nothing about it. So, this must mean that the U. Who else could be attempting to carry out P. I mean, what other groups have there been in The Walking Dead universe who might have all those things? Wait a minute.

Almost immediately after finishing my theory last week about the government still being active through P. You see, the more I thought about what P. The idea of a government that is, ostensibly, the same one that existed when the outbreak hit — Which, one would think, would want to pick things back up where they left off once the dead were under control — would, after kidnapping God only knows how many children across who knows how much of the U.

As we learned from Madison, part of the logic behind P. I think I have an answer for that, too. Think about Lieutenant Colonel Kublek for a minute. Before the outbreak, she served as a military attache between the U. Why would a legitimate soldier of the Royal Army take orders from a person whose rank was, effectively, made up? Why would she answer to the made-up leader of a self-appointed military, little better than the leader of a wannabe militia?

I believe that Major General Beale carried his rank over from the U. If this is true, it means that some people and almost certainly Major General Beale knew about P.

What might those ends be? Well, if the nefarious actions of the CRM in the last season of World Beyond are anything to go by, usurp the civilian government, and use the kidnapped children to, eventually, rebuild civilization in North America the way they see fit: Devoid of loyalty to anything but the CRM, knowing nothing but their direction, guidance, and leadership. But, what do you think? Do you think P. Or, do you think that P. Let me know! If you enjoyed this and want to learn how to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse, why not pick up a copy of my book, The Rules: A Guide To Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse!

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What does p.a.d.r.e. stand for in fear the walking dead –

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What Is PADRE in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’? What to Know.


This term was first mentioned during the first episode of this season by newcomer Will Gus Halper. He found a note written by Alicia Alycia Debnam-Carey , signifying to him that she was going in search of what Will describes as the possibility of something better. Will told Alicia that PADRE was where he and Senator Vazquez were supposed to go when it was safe, as it was supposed to be stocked with everything needed to start over in the event of a catastrophe.

After Alicia was bit, she became obsessed with finding the location to the point that she was confident the walker version of the Senator would lead her there. She gave up her search, decided to make the Tower her own PADRE, but this failed, and then she decided to leave the group. They discovered the only safe route to which they are sure is where PADRE has to be, as all other routes they tried led to dead ends.

This is something many fans speculated about when her return was announced. Little did anyone know she would be Collector 6 for this organization, a person who steals children to be raised by PADRE.

They used this storyline to explain her absence in that she was basically being held hostage by PADRE and forced into service by them.

This has kept her from seeking out her children and the others for all these years. They explain that season 8 will dive into where PADRE is located, the philosophy behind taking the children, and what happens to them. The landscape will be drastically altered with filming for the eighth season changing from Austin, Texas to Savannah, Georgia.

But, this is nothing new for Fear TWD, as it has changed locations several times during its run. Goldberg added that the person from PADRE who was speaking to Madison in the flashbacks will be revealed, and the upcoming season will be one of the most significant reinventions of the series to date.

It appears that PADRE, which the government initially set up to rebuild after a catastrophe, has been altered by someone to fit their needs. Season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead will begin filming in Georiga very soon.

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The Walking Dead Theory: P.A.D.R.E. and the CRM.Fear the Walking Dead 7× “Padre” – Father Son Holy Gore

Jun 05,  · Madison returned in Season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead. Since it was announced that FTWD would start filming in June and that seasons 6 and 7 started in . AdGet The Ultimate The Walking Dead Experience On AMC+. Stream All Series Today. New Episodes. New Series. New Specials. Immerse Yourself In The World Of Walkers. Oct 28,  · According to Screen Rant, Episode 8 of Fear the Walking Dead is reportedly titled “Padre” and maybe when fans find out exactly what is meant. This is not yet listed on IMDb, .

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