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.Georgetown University in Washington DC


Our undergraduate and graduate offerings engage students by doing in the communities they call home. Since opening its doors in , the University of the District of Columbia Community College has become the heartbeat of the community, providing workforce development programs, career planning services, and educational pathways that are flexible and affordable.

SBPA provides a world-class learning experience that thrives on diversity of thought and study. The wide range of programs are tailored to meet the needs of students at every level, from recent high school graduates to working professionals and executives.

The David A. Clarke School of Law is a diverse community dedicated to legal education that produces graduates who are committed to living up to the highest ethical standards.

Learn More. Current Students All currently enrolled, continuing or re-admit students at the University of the District of Columbia. Current Students. Prospective Students At the University of the District of Columbia all students will achieve their highest levels of human potential. Prospective Students. Stay current on things to do in and around Washington, DC by signing Why Washington, DC’s performing arts scene is in a class of its own.

Discover the best things to do in Washington, DC, from events happening right now to annual festivals and so much more. Go green on your next vacation with these eco-friendly places to stay in Washington, DC. Find the best boutique hotels in Washington, DC. The Capitol Visitor Center is the main entrance to the U. History, science, art and culture come alive at these free DC museum For roving gastronomes and travelers who revel in experiences center The largest library in the world makes for a fascinating historical The iconic memorial built to honor the 16th U.

The perfect intersection of historic charm and upscale modernity hap The modern museum offers enough spy-related intrigue and interactive Check out these exciting events in the District this season. See the best of everything Washington, DC has to offer — from the Na DC has an Washington, DC has always had a significant Black population.

The in Locals know the difference between Washington and DC. The latter is a city made up of neighborhoods, where people live and visit, where restaurants and pubs buzz, where cabs are hailed, hotels are busy and friends laugh. In , Congress returned the land originally ceded by Virginia , including the city of Alexandria; in , it created a single municipal government for the remaining portion of the district. There have been efforts to make the city into a state since the s, a movement that has gained momentum in recent years, and a statehood bill passed the House of Representatives in The city is divided into quadrants centered on the Capitol , and there are as many as neighborhoods.

According to the Census , it has a population of ,, [2] which makes it the 23rd most populous city in the U. The three branches of the U. Washington is home to many national monuments and museums , primarily situated on or around the National Mall. A locally elected mayor and a member council have governed the district since Congress maintains supreme authority over the city and may overturn local laws.

The District of Columbia does not have representation in Congress, although D. District voters choose three presidential electors in accordance with the Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution , ratified in Various tribes of the Algonquian -speaking Piscataway people also known as the Conoy inhabited the lands around the Potomac River when Europeans first visited the area in the early 17th century.

One group known as the Nacotchtank also called the Nacostines by Catholic missionaries maintained settlements around the Anacostia River within the present-day District of Columbia.

Conflicts with European colonists and neighboring tribes forced the relocation of the Piscataway people, some of whom established a new settlement in near Point of Rocks, Maryland.

On October 6, forced by the Pennsylvania Mutiny of to Princeton, New Jersey , Congress resolved itself into a committee of the whole, to take into consideration, respecting a place for the permanent residence of Congress.

In his Federalist No. Article One, Section Eight , of the Constitution permits the establishment of a «District not exceeding ten miles square as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States». In what is now known as the Compromise of , Madison, Alexander Hamilton , and Thomas Jefferson agreed that the federal government would pay each state’s remaining Revolutionary War debts in exchange for establishing the new national capital in the Southern United States.

On July 9, , Congress passed the Residence Act , which approved the creation of a national capital on the Potomac River. The exact location was to be selected by President George Washington , who signed the bill into law on July Formed from land donated by the states of Maryland and Virginia, the initial shape of the federal district was a square measuring 10 miles 16 km on each side, totaling square miles km 2.

Two pre-existing settlements were included in the territory: the port of Georgetown, Maryland , founded in , [26] and the port city of Alexandria, Virginia , founded in A new federal city was then constructed on the north bank of the Potomac, to the east of Georgetown.

On September 9, , the three commissioners overseeing the capital’s construction named the city in honor of President Washington. The same day, the federal district was named Columbia a feminine form of » Columbus » , which was a poetic name for the United States commonly in use at that time. Congress passed the District of Columbia Organic Act of which officially organized the district and placed the entire territory under the exclusive control of the federal government.

Further, the area within the district was organized into two counties: the County of Washington to the east or north of the Potomac and the County of Alexandria to the west or south. On August 24—25, , in a raid known as the Burning of Washington , British forces invaded the capital during the War of The Capitol , Treasury , and White House were burned and gutted during the attack.

In the s, the district’s southern territory of Alexandria went into economic decline partly due to neglect by Congress. Alexandria’s citizens petitioned Virginia to take back the land it had donated to form the district, through a process known as retrocession. On July 9, , Congress agreed to return all the territory that Virginia had ceded.

Therefore, the district’s area consists only of the portion originally donated by Maryland. The outbreak of the American Civil War in led to the expansion of the federal government and notable growth in the district’s population, including a large influx of freed slaves.

Some members of Congress suggested moving the capital further west, but President Ulysses S. Grant refused to consider such a proposal. Congress passed the Organic Act of , which repealed the individual charters of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, abolished Washington County , and created a new territorial government for the whole District of Columbia.

Shepherd authorized large-scale projects that greatly modernized the City of Washington, but ultimately bankrupted the district government. In , Congress replaced the territorial government with an appointed three-member Board of Commissioners. The city’s first motorized streetcars began service in They generated growth in areas of the district beyond the City of Washington’s original boundaries.

Washington’s urban plan was expanded throughout the district in the following decades. The district was the first city in the nation to undergo urban renewal projects as part of the » City Beautiful movement » in the early s.

Increased federal spending as a result of the New Deal in the s led to the construction of new government buildings, memorials, and museums in the district, [50] though the chairman of the House Subcommittee on District Appropriations Ross A. Collins from Mississippi justified cuts to funds for welfare and education for local residents, saying that «my constituents wouldn’t stand for spending money on niggers. World War II further increased government activity, adding to the number of federal employees in the capital; [52] by , the district’s population reached its peak of , residents.

The Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in , granting the district three votes in the Electoral College for the election of president and vice president, but still no voting representation in Congress.

After the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The riots raged for three days until more than 13, federal troops and D. Army National Guardsmen stopped the violence. Many stores and other buildings were burned; rebuilding was not completed until the late s.

In , Congress enacted the District of Columbia Home Rule Act , providing for an elected mayor and thirteen-member council for the district. East Coast. Due to the District of Columbia retrocession , the city has a total area of The south bank of the Potomac River forms the district’s border with Virginia and has two major tributaries: the Anacostia River and Rock Creek. The highest natural elevation in the district is feet m above sea level at Fort Reno Park in upper northwest Washington.

The district has 7, acres The National Park Service manages most of the 9, acres Established in , it is the country’s fourth-oldest national park and is home to a variety of plant and animal species, including raccoon, deer, owls, and coyotes.

Department of Parks and Recreation maintains the city’s acres 3. Department of Agriculture operates the acre 1. National Arboretum in Northeast Washington. The district is in plant hardiness zone 8a near downtown, and zone 7b elsewhere in the city, indicating a humid subtropical climate. Spring and fall are mild to warm, while winter is cool to cold with annual snowfall averaging Summers are hot and humid with a July daily average of Blizzards affect Washington, on average, once every four to six years.

The most violent storms are called » nor’easters «, which often affect large sections of the East Coast. Hurricanes or their remnants occasionally track through the area in late summer and early fall. However, they are often weak by the time they reach Washington, partly due to the city’s inland location. Precipitation occurs throughout the year. The City of Washington was a planned city. In the present day, many of the District’s streets are on a grid extending from that of the original city.

He enlisted Scottish surveyor Alexander Ralston to help lay out the city plan. Andrew Ellicott , who had worked with L’Enfant surveying the city, was then tasked with completing the design.

Though Ellicott made revisions to the original plans—including changes to some street patterns—L’Enfant is still credited with the overall design of the city. By the early 20th century, L’Enfant’s vision of a grand national capital had become marred by slums and randomly placed buildings, including a railroad station on the National Mall.

Congress formed a special committee charged with beautifying Washington’s ceremonial core. The plan is thought to have largely preserved L’Enfant’s intended design.

By law, the District’s skyline is low and sprawling. The federal Height of Buildings Act of allows buildings that are no taller than the width of the adjacent street, plus 20 feet 6. City leaders have criticized the height restriction as a primary reason why the district has limited affordable housing and traffic problems caused by suburban sprawl.

The axes bounding the quadrants radiate from the U. Most streets are set out in a grid pattern with east—west streets named with letters e. Washington hosts foreign embassies , constituting approximately buildings beyond the more than 1, residential properties owned by foreign countries, many of which are on a section of Massachusetts Avenue informally known as Embassy Row. The architecture of Washington varies greatly but is generally popular among tourists and locals.

The neoclassical, Georgian, gothic, and modern architectural styles are all reflected among those six structures and many other prominent edifices in Washington. Many of the government buildings, monuments, and museums along the National Mall and surrounding areas are heavily inspired by classical Roman and Greek architecture.

For examples, the designs of the White House , Capitol , Supreme Court Building , Washington Monument , National Gallery of Art , Lincoln Memorial , and Jefferson Memorial , are all heavily drawn from these classical architectural movements, consisting of large pediments, domes, columns in the classical order, and heavy walls made of stone.

Notable exceptions to the city’s classical-style architecture include buildings constructed in the French Second Empire style such as the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Modern and other non-classical architectural styles are also seen throughout the city.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture deeply contrasts the stone-based neoclassical buildings on the Mall, as its design combines modern engineering with heavy inspiration from African Art. Outside Downtown Washington , architectural styles are even more varied. Its Great Hall, which serves as the main hall within the building, has elaborate gold leaf designs along the ceilings, as well as decorative classical-style statues.

Census Bureau estimates that the district’s population was , as of July , an increase of more than , people compared to the United States Census. When measured on a decade-over-decade basis, this continues a growth trend since , following a half-century of population decline.

The Washington metropolitan area , which includes the district and surrounding suburbs, is the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, with an estimated six million residents. With a population exceeding 9. According to Census Bureau data, the population of Washington, D. Individuals from two or more races made up 2. Hispanics of any race made up Washington has had a significant African American population since the city’s foundation.

Partly as a result of gentrification , there was a However, at 34 years old, the district had the lowest median age compared to the 50 states. A report found that about a third of district residents were functionally illiterate , compared to a national rate of about one in five. This is attributed in part to immigrants who are not proficient in English. In , the poverty rate stood at This is due in part to city programs that help provide insurance to low-income individuals who do not qualify for other types of coverage.

The Washington D. Temple is a large Mormon temple located just outside the city in Kensington, Maryland. It can be viewed when driving south on the Capital Beltway.

It is the tallest Mormon temple in existence, and third-largest by floor area. Crime in Washington, D. The more affluent neighborhoods of Northwest Washington are typically safe, especially in areas with concentrations of government operations, such as Downtown Washington, D.

In , the annual murders continued on an upward trend, totaling , a significant rise from previous lows. However, incidents of robberies and thefts have remained higher in these areas because of increased nightlife activity and greater numbers of affluent residents.

Heller that the city’s handgun ban violated the right to keep and bear arms as protected under the Second Amendment. In addition to the district’s own Metropolitan Police Department , many federal law enforcement agencies have jurisdiction in the city as well—most visibly the U. Park Police , founded in The Washington, D. The large amount of government employment in the region is thought to immunize Washington from suffering the consequences of national economic downturns, since the federal government continues operations during economic recessions.

In reality, however, the Washington area can also suffer from severe economic shocks, given that most of its residents work outside the government. In addition to direct government work, many of the region’s residents work for companies and organizations that sign contracts with the federal government or work on issues directly related to the work of the federal government, such as lobbying or policy analysis.

This includes organizations such as law firms , defense contractors , civilian contractors , nonprofit organizations , lobbying firms , trade unions , industry trade groups , and professional associations , many of which have their headquarters in or near Washington, D. The city also hosts nearly foreign embassies and international organizations.

Embassy Row is the informal name given to a stretch of Massachusetts Avenue which is occupied by many of the city’s foreign embassies. Additionally, many prominent global financial and diplomatic institutions are headquartered in the city.

These institutions seek to use money lending and other financial and economic tools to improve the state of a country’s economy and level of development. Commonly called «the Fed,» this institution’s policies are made by the members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Through monetary policy , the Board adjusts various interest rates in the United States, which heavily impacts the U. Because of the power of the U. Some leading think tanks and research organizations headquartered in the city are partisan in nature, while many others work as non-partisan centers for research and policy formation.

The city is also home to many other non-profits that engage with issues of domestic and global importance by conducting advanced research, running programs, or advocating on behalf of people. Many of these organizations are headquartered in the city or have major offices in Washington. The city is also the country’s primary location for international development firms, many of whom find funding by contracting with the United States Agency for International Development USAID , which is the U.

Additionally, the American Red Cross , which is a humanitarian agency focused on emergency relief, is headquartered in the city. The Washington region has one of the country’s largest private sectors. According to statistics compiled in , four of the largest companies in the country were headquartered in the district. Neighboring Maryland and Northern Virginia serve as a base of operations for several large companies, including some Fortune companies.

Due to the building height restrictions in place within the District of Columbia, many of these companies are able to build taller buildings in the suburban financial centers of Maryland and Virginia. Capital One Bank , which is one of the largest banks in the country, is headquartered in nearby Tysons, Virginia , a large and growing financial center located in Fairfax County. Additionally, in Amazon announced it would build a second headquarters building known as «HQ2» in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington County, Virginia , which sits just across the Potomac River from Washington.

The Washington economy also benefits from being home to many prominent news and media organizations. The Gannett Company is a mass media holding company headquartered in Tysons, Virginia which owns numerous national and local newspapers that publish across the country.

Gannett is the largest U. Tourism is Washington’s second-largest industry, after the federal government. Approximately The city and wider Washington region has a diverse array of attractions for tourists, such as monuments, memorials, museums, sports events, and trails. Within the city, the National Mall serves as the center of the tourism industry.

It is there that many of the city’s museums and monuments are located. Adjacent to the mall sits the Tidal Basin , where several additional memorials and monuments lie, including the popular Jefferson Memorial.

Additionally, Union Station is a very popular tourist spot with its multitude of restaurants and shops. It is also the location of President John F. Kennedy ‘s tomb, marked by an eternal flame. The changing of the guard is a popular tourist attraction and occurs once every hour from October through March and every half-hour during the rest of the year. Given its prominence, the mall is often the location of political protests , concerts, festivals, and presidential inaugurations.

Located on the mall directly northwest of the Washington Monument is Constitution Gardens , which serves as a memorial to the signers of the United States Declaration of Independence. Directly south of the mall, the Tidal Basin features rows of Japanese cherry trees.

Every spring, millions of cherry blossoms bloom, an event which attracts visitors from across the world as part of the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival. Numerous historic landmarks are located outside the National Mall. The National Archives is headquartered in a building just north of the National Mall and houses thousands of documents important to American history, including the Declaration of Independence , the Constitution , and the Bill of Rights. Chinatown is located just north of the National Mall.

It houses many Chinese-inspired restaurants and shops as well as Capital One Arena , which serves as the primary indoor sports and entertainment arena in Washington. Chinatown’s Friendship Archway is one of the largest Chinese ceremonial archways outside of China. The Archway bears the Chinese characters for Chinatown below the roof.

The Southwest Waterfront along the Potomac River has been redeveloped in recent years and now serves as a popular cultural center.

This is the oldest fish market currently in operation in the entire United States. Several other landmarks are located in neighboring Northern Virginia. There are also numerous parks, gardens, and squares that have become notable landmarks, such as Rock Creek Park.

Rock Creek Park, located in Northwest D. Named after the Marquis de Lafayette , a Frenchman who served as a commander during the American Revolutionary War , the square has been the site of many protests, marches, and speeches over the decades. Seward , who was stabbed by an intruder in his Lafayette Square house on the evening of President Lincoln’s assassination.

Its most notable landmark is the National Capitol Columns monument. The island has many trails used by bikers, walkers, and runners, as well as a statue and memorial in honor of Theodore Roosevelt. The Smithsonian Institution is an educational foundation chartered by Congress in that maintains most of the nation’s official museums and galleries in Washington, D.

It is the world’s largest research and museum complex. Dillon Ripley Center ; and the Smithsonian Institution Building also known as «The Castle» , which serves as the institution’s headquarters. However, they are not a part of the Smithsonian Institution.

Congress that is open to the public. There are many private art museums in the District of Columbia, which house major collections and exhibits open to the public, such as the National Museum of Women in the Arts and The Phillips Collection in Dupont Circle , the first museum of modern art in the United States. The John F. The Kennedy Center Honors are awarded each year to those in the performing arts who have contributed greatly to the cultural life of the United States.

This ceremony is often attended by the sitting American President as well as other dignitaries and celebrities. The historic Ford’s Theatre , site of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln , continues to operate as a functioning performance space as well as a museum. The Marine Barracks near Capitol Hill houses the United States Marine Band ; founded in , it is the country’s oldest professional musical organization. Founded in , Arena Stage achieved national attention and spurred growth in the city’s independent theater movement that now includes organizations such as the Shakespeare Theatre Company , Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company , and the Studio Theatre.

Other performing arts spaces in the city include the Andrew W. The Folger Shakespeare Library is a research library and museum located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It houses the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare-related material [] and third largest collection of English books printed before The district is an important center for indie culture and music in the United States. The label Dischord Records , formed by Ian MacKaye , frontman of Fugazi , was one of the most crucial independent labels in the genesis of s punk and eventually indie rock in the s.

Starting in the s, it is considered to be one of the most influential punk music movements in the country. Despite the cosmopolitan nature of the city, D. Among the District’s signature restaurants is Ben’s Chili Bowl , which has been located on U Street since its founding in The restaurant rose to prominence as a peaceful escape during the violent race riots in the city.

The restaurant is famous for its chili dogs and half-smokes. The restaurant has been visited by numerous presidents and celebrities over the years. The city’s growth as a fine dining location has garnered the attention of many celebrity chefs, who have opened restaurants in the city.

Washington is one of 13 cities in the United States with teams from all four major professional men’s sports and is home to one major professional women’s team. Elizabeths East Entertainment and Sports Arena. Nationals Park , which opened in Southeast D. United has won four; [] and the Washington Wizards then the Washington Bullets , Washington Capitals, Washington Mystics and Washington Nationals have each won a single championship.

Australian Football League ; the D. The William H. Washington is also home to two major annual marathon races: the Marine Corps Marathon , which is held every autumn, and the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon held in the spring. The Marine Corps Marathon began in and is sometimes called «The People’s Marathon» because it is the largest marathon that does not offer prize money to participants.

The Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball team is the most notable and also plays at the Capital One Arena. From to , the district hosted an annual college football bowl game at RFK Stadium , called the Military Bowl. The Washington Post , founded in , is the oldest and most-read local daily newspaper in Washington.

The Atlantic magazine, which covers politics, international affairs, and cultural issues, is also headquartered in Washington. Another popular local daily is The Washington Times , the city’s second general interest broadsheet and also an influential paper in conservative political circles.

Some community and specialty papers focus on neighborhood and cultural issues, including the weekly Washington Blade and Metro Weekly , which focus on LGBT issues; the Washington Informer and The Washington Afro American , which highlight topics of interest to the black community; and neighborhood newspapers published by The Current Newspapers.

Congressional Quarterly , The Hill , Politico , and Roll Call newspapers focus exclusively on issues related to Congress and the federal government. The headquarters of Voice of America , the U. The district did not have an elected local government until the passage of the Home Rule Act.

The Act devolved certain Congressional powers to an elected mayor and the thirteen-member Council of the District of Columbia. However, Congress retains the right to review and overturn laws created by the council and intervene in local affairs.

Each of the city’s eight wards elects a single member of the council and residents elect four at-large members to represent the district as a whole.

The council chair is also elected at-large. ANCs can issue recommendations on all issues that affect residents; government agencies take their advice under careful consideration. The idiom » Inside the Beltway » is a reference used by media to describe discussions of national political issues inside of Washington, by way of geographical demarcation regarding the region inner to the Capital’s Beltway, Interstate , the city’s highway loop beltway constructed in The phrase is used as a title for a number of political columns and news items by publications like the populist Washington Times.

The mayor and council set local taxes and a budget, which Congress must approve. Congress typically provides additional grants for federal programs such as Medicaid and the operation of the local justice system ; however, analysts claim that the payments do not fully resolve the imbalance.

The city’s local government, particularly during the mayoralty of Marion Barry , was criticized for mismanagement and waste. The district regained control over its finances in and the oversight board’s operations were suspended. The district has a federally funded «Emergency Planning and Security Fund» to cover security related to visits by foreign leaders and diplomats, presidential inaugurations, protests, and terrorism concerns.

During the Trump administration, the fund has run with a deficit. The district is not a state and therefore has no voting representation in Congress. At-Large , who may sit on committees, participate in debate, and introduce legislation, but cannot vote on the House floor.

The district has no official representation in the United States Senate. Neither chamber seats the district’s elected «shadow» representative or senators. Unlike residents of U. Opponents of D. Those opposed to making D. Each of the listed cities is a national capital except for Sunderland, which includes the town of Washington , the ancestral home of George Washington’s family. In the —11 school year, 46, students were enrolled in the public school system. Memorial Library. The Corcoran College of Art and Design , the oldest art school in the capital, was absorbed into the George Washington University in , now serving as its college of arts.

The University of the District of Columbia UDC is a public land-grant university providing undergraduate and graduate education. In addition, the city is home to three medical schools and associated teaching hospitals at George Washington, Georgetown, and Howard universities. There are 1, miles 2, km of streets, parkways, and avenues in the district.

Interstate 95 I , the nation’s major east coast highway, therefore bends around the district to form the eastern portion of the Capital Beltway.

A portion of the proposed highway funding was directed to the region’s public transportation infrastructure instead. Started in , it is one of the largest bicycle sharing systems in the country with more than 4, bicycles and more than stations, [] all provided by PBSC Urban Solutions. By , the city’s network of marked bicycle lanes covered 56 miles 90 km of streets.

There are multiple transportation methods to cross the city’s two rivers, the Potomac River and the Anacostia River. There are numerous bridges that take cars, trains, pedestrians, and bikers across the rivers. There are also ferries and water cruises that cross the Potomac River.

The system serves Washington, D. Metro opened on March 27, , and consists of six lines each one color coded , 91 stations , and miles km of track.

Metro is known for its iconic brutalist-style vaulted ceilings in the interior stations. It is also known for having long escalators in some of its underground stations. The longest single-tier escalator in the Western Hemisphere, spanning feet 70 m , is located at Metro’s Wheaton station in Maryland. Union Station is the city’s main train station and serves approximately 70, people each day. It is Amtrak ‘s second-busiest station with 4. Although Washington was famous throughout the 19th and early- to midth centuries for its streetcars , these lines were dismantled in the s.

In , however, the city brought back a streetcar line. Two main public bus systems operate in Washington. Serving more than , riders each weekday, it is one of the nation’s largest bus systems by annual ridership. The bus system services each stop approximately every 10 minutes. Many other public bus systems operate in the various jurisdictions of the Washington region outside of the city in suburban Maryland and Virginia.

The city also sees many charter buses carrying young students and other tourists from across the country to the Washington region’s historic sites. These buses are often found parked beside famous tourist locations, such as the National Mall. Three major airports serve the district, though none are within the city’s borders. Two of these major airports are located in suburban Virginia and one in suburban Maryland.

This airport is primarily reserved for domestic flights and has the lowest number of passengers of any of the three airports in the region. The busiest by international flights and the largest by land size and amount of facilities is Washington Dulles International Airport , located in suburban Virginia, about 24 miles west of the city.

The President of the United States does not use these airports for travel. There, he takes Air Force One to his destination. The air base was originally built in Water is an independent authority of the D. The water, sourced from the Potomac River, is treated and stored in the city’s Dalecarlia , Georgetown , and McMillan reservoirs.

The aqueduct provides drinking water for a total of 1. Pepco is the city’s electric utility and services , customers in the district and suburban Maryland. As a result, all power lines and telecommunication cables are located underground in downtown Washington, and traffic signals are placed at the edge of the street.

Washington Gas is the city’s natural gas utility and serves more than a million customers in the district and its suburbs. Incorporated by Congress in , the company installed the city’s first gas lights in the Capitol, the White House, and along Pennsylvania Avenue.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Capital city of the United States. Several terms redirect here. For other uses, see District of Columbia disambiguation and United States capital disambiguation. Federal capital city and federal district in the United States. Federal capital city and federal district. Justitia Omnibus English: Justice for All.

Main article: History of Washington, D. For a chronological guide, see Timeline of Washington, D. For the capitals of the United States before the founding of Washington, D. Main article: War of See also: District of Columbia retrocession and Washington, D. See also: District of Columbia home rule.

Main article: Geography of Washington, D. See also: Climate change in Washington, D. Climate data for Washington, D. See also: Streets and highways of Washington, D. Main article: Demographics of Washington, D. Notable religious buildings in Washington, D. John’s Episcopal Church. Main article: Crime in Washington, D.

See also: List of law enforcement agencies in the District of Columbia. See also the categories Companies based in Washington, D. See also: Category:Non-profit organizations based in Washington, D. See also: List of companies headquartered in Northern Virginia. Main article: Culture of Washington, D. See also: List of museums in Washington, D. Main articles: Theater in Washington, D. See also: List of Michelin starred restaurants in Washington, D. Main article: Sports in Washington, D.

Main article: Media in Washington, D. See also: List of newspapers in Washington, D. Main article: Government of the District of Columbia. See also: List of parochial and private schools in Washington, D. See also: List of colleges and universities in Washington, D. Main article: Transportation in Washington, D. Cities portal United States portal. The Northern states had not, and wanted the federal government to take over their outstanding liabilities.

Southern Congressmen agreed to the plan in return for establishing the new national capital at their preferred site on the Potomac River.


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