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Where are the most alligators located in florida
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American alligators inhabit most of the southeastern United States; primarily Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia. They live in freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps. The majority of alligator infested lakes are in Florida, with Lake Jesup being the most infested lake in the United States. This lake in central. Who counts alligators? · How do you count alligators? · What are the most alligator infested lakes in Florida? · #5 Lake Kissimmee 2,, south-.


Which lake in Florida has the most alligators?


Alligators and crocodiles are in different families. Alligators have a wider, rounded U-shaped snout while crocs have a more pointed V-shaped snout. While alligators primarily live in the southeastern U. Crocodiles favor saltwater areas while alligators prefer freshwater and brackish water habitats. Southern Florida is the only place where alligators and crocodiles coexist. American alligators inhabit most of the southeastern United States; primarily Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia.

They live in freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps, and marshes. There are an estimated five million American alligators in the southeastern U. Year after year we find that children and adults are always interested in learning more information about alligators when visiting Florida.

Alligators can grow up to pounds and 13 feet long on average. Females do have a tendency to be smaller than males. According to the Everglades National Park, the largest alligator ever recorded measured 17 feet, 5 inches.

They eat primarily fish, birds, turtles, various mammals, and other reptiles. If the alligator is big enough it will eat larger prey such as deer, bear, razorbacks, or other alligators. If the gator has caught something too large to consume in one bite it typically drowns it by violently spinning it in the water. It will then store it for a couple days to allow decomposition and easier consumption afterward. Alligators live an average of years in the wild.

They have been known to live years in human care. Mating season is mid-April through May and alligators have a heightened aggression during this time. The female will build a nest in the vegetation in or around the water and lay a clutch of eggs.

Incubation is days and hatchlings will stay with the mother for up to 2 years. Female alligators are fiercely protective of the nest and hatchlings and are especially dangerous. The temperature in the nest determines sex of the offspring. Temperatures above 93 degrees will produce males while temperatures of 86 degrees and below produce females.

The senses of all crocodilians are quite powerful in comparison to other reptiles. They have an excellent sense of hearing and a well developed inner ear; mothers can actually hear hatchlings calling while still inside the eggs. They have extra sensory organs inside the snout for a heightened sense of smell and their vision above water can be compared to that of an owl.

They also have excellent night vision and are thought to be able to see color. Alligators have no vocal chords so the growl is a sound made when the gator sucks air into their lungs and blows it out to produce very loud, deep toned roars. It is used to show dominance, territorialism, and to attract mates. No, they do not. The FWC decides whether it poses a risk and will then assign a trapper that it contracts with and licenses.

Otherwise, nuisance gators can be sold to an alligator farm. Over the past decade, Florida has averaged seven unprovoked alligator bites to humans per year that are serious enough to require medical treatment. One of the people killed was year-old Bradley Weidenhamer, who died after he was attacked by a pound alligator on the Loxahatchee River in In June , 2-year-old Lane Graves died after he was snatched from the shore of a Disney World resort by an alligator.

Although alligator bite incidents resulting in serious injury are rare in Florida, the FWC recommends taking precautions when having fun in and around the water. Anyone with concerns about an alligator should call the Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program at This story was originally posted to PalmBeachPost.

Interactive map shows where Florida’s nuisance alligators are. Facebook Twitter Email.


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