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Top 10 worst cities in nc
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When top 10 worst cities in nc North Carolina Department of Transportation released its annual crash продолжить book, we were eager to find out if our concerns about road safety during the pandemic would bear fruit.

So, we dove into the data to see what stories it could tell, and hopefully uncover some lessons we could use moving forward. The NCDOT has their own ranking system for most dangerous counties, but we created our own that focuses more on injury victims, as we work with them every day. You can find /3856.txt more about top 10 worst cities in nc Farrin Danger Index below.

Many find wirst interesting that the most dangerous counties in North Carolina — whether according to the NCDOT or to our own formula — are not the most populous counties.

The FDI нажмите чтобы узнать больше weights crashes with injuries and deaths, so it top 10 worst cities in nc which counties are more likely to have those types of crashes. Our full FDI formula is below.

But not every crash results in injury, and not every injury is fatal. The fact that a densely populated area increases the number of fender-benders does not necessarily mean it offers an increased risk to life and limb. Furthermore, the tlp of a crash, regardless of injury, can be reasonably represented by the number of crashes per vehicles miles traveled VMT.

From those and other numbers we can begin to understand the risk to life and limb a driver in each county may face.

Even some counties in the middle of the pack as far as danger metrics saw enormous increases island weather in october fatalities in It is perfectly logical to expect that there will be more fatalities in places with more people. However, when you analyze the data in the context of population, you begin to see a bigger picture, and how dangerous roads in more rural counties can be.

Just because a county is urban or rural does not necessarily classify it as dangerous. Even though rural roads tend to have a higher crash severity rate, they also tend to have fewer roads with fewer miles traveled. As you can see, the safest counties in terms of traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities are not the most populous. Our Farrin Danger Index, which approaches the data differently, ranks the safest counties differently, though Currituck County makes both lists.

By aggregating some of this data and putting it into an easily compared format, you can так top 25 arizona high school football teams получается a few things that may surprise you. This is a quick and simple top 10 worst cities in nc that uses crash data to illustrate how often crashes are happening in a county. It is crucial to remember that the addition of time as a metric automatically adds weight to counties with top 10 worst cities in nc populations and numbers of vehicle miles traveled.

Here, the data diverge worsr little from population. These are, in some order, traditionally the most populated counties in North Carolina. Now you begin to see that the severity of the crash matters more than rop frequency.

A fender bender has a relatively low cost in the grand scheme of things. A crash with multiple injuries or a fatality could end up costing millions in the final analysis. Some of the safest overall counties have high crash severity indexes. The likelihood of a crash may be small, but the likelihood of that crash being severe may be quite high. Having a higher number of fatalities per vehicle miles traveled is a somewhat alarming statistic.

It means that, on average, your county is more deadly than others over the same traveled distance. Bear in mind that counties with comparatively few miles traveled may actually be ranked quite high as the result cites just ih few fatal crashes.

One deadly holiday weekend, for instance, could dities an otherwise quiet county wosrt the top of the list. Looking at the data in the tables above, both Hoke and Graham Counties appear on both lists. Drivers beware! Population does not necessarily correlate to the possibility of a traffic injury or death. It does, however, offer a different perspective than statistics relating to top 10 worst cities in nc miles traveled.

Remember that not all miles driven in a county are driven by its residents, for instance, though that is a very difficult anomaly for which to correct. Mecklenburg County has a high number of crash injuries per 1, people. Anson County, on the other hand, has the second-highest injury rate behind Mecklenburg but is 75 th in population. And as far as crash fatalities per 1, population, Mecklenburg ranks all the way down in 93 rd! On the opposite end of the spectrum, some cities and towns are safer for drivers.

Of the top five safest cities with more than 10, population, two are within commuting distance of Charlotte — the most dangerous in the category. The safest top 10 worst cities in nc town, Sawmills, rose 79 spots from eorst previous year.

The state of North Carolina aggregates its data in its own way. We decided we wanted something specific to our perspective as top 10 worst cities in nc who represent those injured on the road. We gauge danger in terms of injury, both in risk and in severity. Vehicles can be fixed or replaced. Damage to people can last their whole lives — or end them. While it is by no means perfect — and subject to alteration as we see trends develop — the Farrin Danger Index is our representation of the approximate danger читать больше life and limb of driving in a given county.

When displaying the raw top 10 worst cities in nc number, higher numbers represent more danger. About the Author. For top 10 worst cities in nc reasons and client confidentiality, reviews have been slightly edited to remove identifying information and correct typos. The remaining 95 counties averaged 0. Put another way, you were about six times as likely to be in a fatal crash in Mecklenburg, Wake, Guilford, Cumberland, or Robeson County as anywhere xities in the state.

Crash severity was higher outside of denser population centers. For example, Mecklenburg was 12 th in total crash rate, but 97 th in fatal crash rate and 90 th in crash severity. The deadliest county in North Carolina when population is factored in is Robeson Countywith the 25 th most residentsbut the 5 th most fatalities The county with the most crashes, injuries, and deaths — Mecklenburg — is 39 th. Graham County has the 85 th highest total crash cost, but is the county with the highest top 10 worst cities in nc cost per crashper person, and pervehicle miles traveled, and is second highest in cost per vehicle.

Shortest Time to Next Crash This is a quick and simple measurement that uses crash data to illustrate how often crashes are happening in a county. As you can see, the highest cost per crash is spread across counties with varying FDI ranks.

Injuries and Fatalities Versus Miles Traveled Having a higher number of fatalities per vehicle miles traveled is a somewhat alarming statistic. Injuries and Fatalities Versus Population Population does not necessarily correlate to the possibility of a traffic injury or death.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in North Carolina – Most Dangerous Places in North Carolina

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Top 10 worst cities in nc.According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In North Carolina


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Top 10 worst cities in nc.The 20 Worst Places to Live in North Carolina


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What else could you want? Oh yeah, great barbecue. But is it all cheery in North Carolina? Of course not. Just like every other state, North Carolina has its issues.

There are some places that are having a hard time right now. The purpose of this post is to use science and data to determine which North Carolina cities need a little tender loving care. Where are these places you wonder? And the worst place to live in North Carolina? That would be Wadesboro. Built in the south-central part of the state, Wadesboro sits in a mostly rural section of North Carolina.

It takes more than an hour to drive to Charlotte , the closest big city. The economic struggles are obvious in the statistics. Wadesboro suffers a This financial structure leads to other deficiencies, like high crime and a troubled school system. The town boasts a quaint downtown and numerous historical points of interest. An hour drive to the southwest takes you to Charlotte. Despite this promising location, the town still ranks as the number 2 least attractive spot to live in North Carolina.

A lack of opportunities holds the town back. It suffers an unemployment rate of The area also has problems with high crime and substandard schools. Monroe could count as an outer suburb of Charlotte , located about 40 minutes from the city.

The community suffers from a sluggish economy. The 35, residents face a 8. Still, there are lots of benefits to life in Monroe. There are plenty of amenities including a vineyard. The town also features a picturesque county courthouse , complete with a quaint clock tower. A mid-sized town of 13, residents in the north-central part of the state, just south of the Virginia border, Reidsville once received a significant economic boost from the tobacco industry.

That source of cash dried up in the s, leaving significant economic turmoil. At this point, Reidsville counts as the number 4 least inviting location in North Carolina. The economic dislocation has led to an unemployment rate of 9.

It has also undermined other civic services. Still, there are pleasant aspects to life in the area. Locals have sponsored a revitalization effort for the cute downtown area. Also, nearby Lake Reidsville provides access to fun water activities. Roxboro faces significant economic hardships. The unemployment rate stands at As a result, fully Meanwhile, the crime rate comes in at more than double the national average.

Located in the north-central part of the state, it serves as a local cultural hub. You can check out its regular farmers markets, or stick around for annual events, like the Willow Oak Bluegrass Festival.

This is not the Selma of historic Civil Rights consequence. This is a different Selma the more famous one is in Alabama. This one is located in east-central North Carolina and ranks among the least appealing spots in the state.

Poverty represents the biggest problem in the area. A full The unemployment rate sits at 7. Despite these problems, Selma has its small-town charms. This includes the Mitchener Station , a historic train station originally built in Henderson sits along I, about 40 minutes northeast of Durham. A lack of jobs and high crime rates make this one of the least appealing locations in all of North Carolina.

The 14, residents of Henderson suffer with a 9. Schools and housing are also problems in the area. There are pleasant aspects to life in Henderson. A short ride north takes you to the Roanoke River on the Virginia border, a great spot for outdoor fun. Like most of America, smallish rural communities in North Carolina struggle with drugs. Albemarle, a town about 45 minutes outside of the Charlotte metro area is located in Stanly County. And Stanly County has the highest drug overdose rate in the state.

Historically, smaller, impoverished communities like Albemarle have struggled to contain drug use because of a lack of resources. I mean when they arrested the head honcho drug dealer here not too long ago, he got out on bond and was dealing the next day. This is also the 4th most dangerous place in the state.

A quarter of the community lives in poverty and the number of folks out of work here is three times higher than the national average. And crime is super bad — like a 1 in 16 chance of being attacked or robbed every year.

Located along I, about a half hour northeast of Fayetteville , Dunn provides a home to 9, residents. Unfortunately, these folks might be better somewhere else…almost anywhere else, really. What makes the area so unappealing?

Well, Dunn has economic problems, including a 8. It also has high crime and a spotty educational system. There are spots of joy in town.

Dunn provides typical small-town charm, access to a couple of nearby Civil War battlefields, and several educational facilities, including the William C. Lee Museum. The LBG. The Burg. Or so they say. Again, small town rural North Carolina folks. You get what you pay for. But hey Laurinburg, at least you dont have some weird legs sculpture like they do in Henderson. Which is also a bad place to live in this state. Next 10 Cities. To figure out how bad a place is to live in, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like and then decide what cities have the least amount of those things.

We broke crime down into violent crime and property crime to give violent crime a larger weight — if you did a simple calculation of all crimes per capita, property crimes are normally 7x more common and really bias that ranking.

We then ranked each city from 1 to for all the criteria with a 1 ranking being the worst for the particular criteria. Read on for a detailed look at the 10 worst cities in North Carolina. You can download the data here. He has written for 39 publications across the country and ran the media relations department at Movoto, a real estate portal based in San Francisco.

He has been featured in over publications as an expert in real estate and as an authority on real estate trends. Nick’s the creator of the HomeSnacks YouTube channel that now has over , subscribers and is an excellent source to learn about different parts of the country. Vendor List Privacy Policy.

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