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Now, as a year-old man, while sitting in the home of one of the most iconic horror movie monsters of all-time, I’m feeling an urge to hide under the covers again. Sometimes you hear about places that have been used in movies like the Alamo in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure or Top Notch Burgers from Dazed and Confused and think it would be cool to visit those places and see what those characters saw, feel how those characters felt. On a recent trip to the Texas Hill Country I got to feel how five friends felt when they ran into Leatherface, the chainsaw-swinging, face-wearing serial killer.

But knowing it was where The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed in is surreal. I’m not going to act like I’m a huge horror movie buff or that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I am genuinely afraid of scary movies. But horror buffs will want to check out this house. I was originally going to Horseshoe Bay for another story , when I learned about the house that piqued my interest. Hearing that it was only a few minutes away had my attention. Driving into Kingsland, I could feel my hands getting sweaty as I gripped the steering wheel.

My heart sank into my stomach when I arrived at the Antlers Inn road that led me to the gravel paved parking lot. There it was, my nightmare fuel. So many nights I’ve replayed the scenes in that film over and over again. Now I was there, walking up the steps where unsuspecting people OK, fine, actors have been lured into the home. I will admit, I was lured into the house by the great smell of food in the air. I opened the door and it was like I was in the movie. Well, if there weren’t people eating or the hostess and waitresses carrying around hot plates of food.

The first thing you see when you walk into the Grand Central Cafe is the spot where Leatherface slid open a large metal door and hit a unsuspecting man with a hammer. It’s also the way to the Club Car Lounge Bar. The hostess took me past the stairs and through the same walkway where Leatherface opened a large metal door and grabbed a woman trying to escape the house. I was seated at my table in the Club Car Lounge and my fear turned into amazement.

The wall I sat next to had autographed photos from the actors in the film placed around a Texas Chainsaw movie poster. There’s a cabinet filled with Texas Chainsaw shirts and tank tops, black baseball hats, stickers, bobble heads and shot glasses in case you want proof you visited the spooky home. Plus, standing underneath one of the TVs was the legend himself, Leatherface, a life-sized model with his trusty chainsaw in hand.

I asked the bartender if he moved. She jokingly told me to step on a button by the feet of the mannequin and find out. All eyes were on me to see if it moved. Thank goodness it didn’t, because I probably would have jumped out of the building. The house originally sat in Round Rock , but was purchased by the Antlers Inn, dismantled, moved to Kingsland, and refurbished in I ordered the massive Smokestack burger with a thick slice of ham, crispy applewood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, a huge fried onion ring, and lots barbecue sauce, with an order of long, homemade French fries.

I don’t know if the knife in the burger was to emphasize the movie being filmed in the building, but I’m going to pretend it was put there in case the Leatherface statue came to life. The medium burger made my plate look like it was just attacked by the horror icon. Definitely scratched that one off my bucket list. I drove to the end of the driveway, and I noticed a wire rigged up along the width of the driveway. I thought it was a motion detecter or something. I saw the No Tresspassing signs.

I also thought that no one was there because I didn’t see and cars at first. I got some really neat pictures but I couldn’t resist so I walked down the driveway to try to get as close as I could to the house. When about halfway down the creepy driveway I noticed someone out of nowhere with a barking dog hopped in an old truck and gassed it towards me. I freaked thinking that it had to have been leather face, or Sherrif, I sprinted back to my car. When I turned around to see, he just stopped and deeply stared.

So I waved my camera and badge to show him I meant no harm. He just stared. So I gunned it out of there. I don’t know much about the owners of the house now, what I do know they need to lighten up! You put that house in a movie, knowing the legacy of the series, the huge fan base it holds, let alone it’s impact on popular culture in Texas. I didn’t want to break in, just get a little closer.

I would pay an extreme amount of money I were able to see the house at a closer distance. It could be a way to make a little extra money. A person from «the family who owns this house» posted here that they do not shoot people or threaten people. I think they shoot people. They may not have «yet». But they would. And what kind of trashy sign is that? What these homeowners don’t know, apparently, is that it’s illegal to shoot someone in Texas for simply trespassing.

These people better read the Castle Laws more carefully. If these people ever do kill someone, they’re going down to china town, I guaran-TEE you. The Big House, baby! Even possibly the death penalty. Also, I happen to know that the very existence of that sign on the property, which threatens life, will act against them in court if they ever do shoot someone. There is definite precedent for this. It establishes that they already had an intent to kill trespassers, and works against any «my life was in danger» argument which, is kind of hard to prove in the first place, if you shoot a person taking pictures of a movie house.

In fact, the sign may actually be illegal. These people obviously regret their fame, and have a bad attitude about it. They probably didn’t get the money they thought they would get, or thought they deserved, once the movie got popular, which may add to their hostility about the situation. All this business about «Old Austin» and wanting to help the film industry there is most likely a load of hot air.

They might even be the family living there and farming it. My guess is, they are. Hey, if you don’t want people congregating outside of your house, don’t lend it out for a movie. Rest in that peace. I feel I have to add a few things. I want to clear some things up. Nor do we threaten to shoot people 2 No, we do not harass people for taking pictures from the road or near the main gate 3 Yes, we have security.

Some you can clearly see from the road. Some you cannot 4 Yes, people do live there. All age groups. Reviewed by ChristinaDickeyHaverland. Drove by today to show my 12 year old where the home was We only live 10 miles away to me it’s a piece of small town history. As we turn onto cr I notice a car sitting on side of road they must hv been taking pics too and another car in the drive way un-doing the metal wire that goes across the driveway.

As I stopped on the actual County Road I’m assuming it was the owner. She was about in her 50’s and she started taking pics of me sitting in my car and my license Plates. It threw me off guard as I was not on her property and thought was strange she was taking pics of me. I got out and asked her how she was and was everything ok I actually told her she didn’t hv to be so rude. I was baffled! I snapped a pic of house from the main road and left.

My 12yr old daughter freaked out! Anyways, I do respect private property and I did nothing wrong. Took my 3 pictures and left. I went by there this weekend and if you are a movie fan, its worth it. We stayed on the road and didnt even think about going onto their property. The cornfields on the opposite side of the road made it feel creepy! I was able to get some good pictures from the other side of the road. There are very large and clear no trespassing signs that threaten jail «or worse.

It seems as long as you stay off the actual property and on the road they have no problem with you grabbing a few photos – at least that was my experience. It does look run-down like in the movies but its clear that people live there from the vehicles on the property. I was threatened with a shotgun when I stepped from the road onto the property less than a foot. The area is pretty remote, so it isn’t hard to know when someone is coming down the road.

They watch for visitors and do not want you anywhere near their home. Be careful. Problem with this listing? Let us know. US Texas Granger. Add to Trip. Edit Place Force Sync. Add Review. Reviewed by Slapdog. February 04, Rated 5. Thank you. Reviewed by j. February 09, Reviewed by JoBoy.



Texas chainsaw massacre house. My trip to ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ house made my skin crawl

Today, the house is now the Grand Central Café and Club Car Bar, situated next to The Antlers Inn in Kingsland, Texas. The café serves more. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House The primary location for the movie was a house that sat in an area known as Quick Hill in present day Round. Through its life, the Victorian house was home to a succession of families and students, and served as a movie set in for “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Texas chainsaw massacre house. The Hewitt House (Texas Chainsaw Massacre Location)

Most of his «victims» were already dead and he «only» personally murdered two people. One potential stop is the filling station where Drayton Sawyer worked. I thought it was a motion detecter texas chainsaw massacre house something. REI is opting out of Black Friday — permanently.

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