Secure M&A Process using Business Software

Onboarding new employees is one of the most difficult aspects of any M&A. It is crucial to start them on the right track in the shortest time possible. Ineffective onboarding procedures could result in lower productivity and result in a high rate of turnover after M&A. It’s also critical that the company that is buying take on the new workforce promptly to maximize the synergies of the deal.

During the M&A, IT teams are required to integrate users from both systems effectively without causing security holes and risking data integrity. The challenge is more complex when onboarding acquired workers who are using their own devices or third-party applications such as cloud-based social media or cloud-based services.

Cybersecurity professionals need to tackle these issues by integrating themselves into M&A processes from the beginning and ensuring they have visibility over all moving components. This includes the post-merger integration phase as well as due diligence assessments. It is crucial for CISOs to approach M&A with a servant’s attitude and to present cybersecurity risks in a manner that executive teams can understand. This involves avoiding technical jargon, and using metrics that executives can understand like financial impact or reputational damage.

Our M&A solution lets you monitor and manage the M&A processes from one dashboard. This dashboard displays every activity, conversation as well as documents in real-time. You can also set up lists, fields and reports to make it more suited to your needs. Plus, we’ve included built-in features such as two-factor authentication and audit logs that help you keep security controls and ensure compliance with policies.

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