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Most diverse towns in england
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The London borough of Brent was the most diverse: at the time of the last census in , 29% of residents were white British, 18% Indian, 10% black Caribbean, 9% other white groups, 8% . rows · List of English districts by ethnicity. This is a list of districts of England showing their ethnic composition as recorded in the census. [1] Census respondents were asked . Provided you wish to live a traditional Pakistani or Bangladeshi Muslim lifestyle. Being conservative isn’t limited only to white British people. Anyway, you might like places like .


Most diverse towns in england –


The UK is probably one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, but which cities are the most multicultural? But there is more to these cities. I mean, a city can be ethnically diverse but be dysfunctional. On the other hand, a city may not be as ethnically diverse, but may have adopted cultures successfully.

Or, similarly people of different ethnicities at a local Indian Festival, Diwali in Leicester for instance. What do we mean?

Another set could be spinning around getting dizzy. Kids can move from one game to another, be accepted and have fun. You never know, after reading this you may want to check one of them out. We were pleasantly surprised when we moved here. There is an appreciation for different cultures and practices.

They are celebrated in the food, the festivals and in some cases the architecture of the city. From cuisine to religion to tradition, London really does have a bit of everything.

However, it has shown itself to a very liberal city, a friend to the LGBT community and is particularly popular with International students as a place to study. All of these places have a very mixed clientele as well.

The Old Town is just great, the castle is gorgeous and the food is just yum. Anyway, slightly off topic there, one thing we noticed was the number of tourists from different countries there.

It seriously brings in the crowds which totally gives it multicultural points in our book! Manchester has actually been revealed as the most linguistically diverse city in Western Europe by the Independent. Multiple languages can create divide and often do in our experience. The Clientele are mixed and very happy with their curries!

Manchester is famous because of its f ootball clubs Manchester United and Manchester City as well as its musicians Oasis — we love them who have fans worldwide. You only have to look around to see that the city is diverse.

You can tell the city is looking to establish itself as an international city for the masses. Not only that, Manchester is growing by the day as an industrial powerhouse. Establishing itself not only as a media hub, but also with its growing financial services industry, the city is only set to get more diverse. The Manchester Arena attacks are an example of that. Following Brexit announcement, there has been a rise in homophobic and racist views in the city.

Leicester boasts the Golden Mile. This famous road which is basically a long row of Indian Jewelers, Asian clothes stores and Asian green grocers too. Beautiful hey! What was amazing was the celebrations.

The Indian, Pakistani, Jewish, British communities coming together was a great show of multiculturalism. Not only does the UK have many multicultural cities with lots to offer, but the people generally get on as well.

No city is perfect but if we had to pick, for us it probably is London. One of the great things about the UK is you can experience more of an international culture in different regions of the country. If you enjoyed this article, why not check out some of our other articles for the UK, links below. I lived in London for a while and absolutely fell in love with the Indian and Paksitani food there.

Leicester is great for Indian food especially. Let us know if you do go there and we can recommend a few places to check out! Thanks for an interesting article. As a regular visitor to Edinburgh I was surprised but also not surprised by its inclusion. I think the festival is a huge influencer here, but it is interesting how you emphasise the fact that true mutliculturalism is when different ethnic groups share each others activities and venues. Thanks again! Your email address will not be published.

Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Each country have their own traditions, culture and national foods.

So, what are the differences between them? How do you stay organized while traveling? You know the story. As soon as you get to the hotel, you unpack everything. During your stay, you then misplace and lose things, and then when it’s due to Skip to content The UK is probably one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, but which cities are the most multicultural?

What does a great UK Multicultural City look like? Love it! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Continue Reading.


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