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Whether you like to sing, play hockey, write for the paper, or lead student government, you will be encouraged to work together and be a leader.

You will graduate from Smith College believing that you can become President, CEO, or whatever it is you dream of achieving. So, if you wish to spend four years deconstructing, analyzing, and creating with a network of ambitious and collaborative individuals, Smith College is the place for you! Smith College. Being from a small, rural town in the West, I was nervous about attending a private school on the east coast but it turns out I had nothing to fear.

What I found here was a diverse student body and peers who are committed not only to their personal education but their communities. Unlike other schools where professors are at the university to do research, professors take their responsibilities as teachers very seriously.

In almost every class I felt that the professor was invested in me and my education. I am always proud to say I’m a Smith College graduate.

Emily R. The legacy of women’s empowerment endures today at Smith, both on campus and in the alum network. Classes are small, interesting, and encourage active participation.

The campus is beautiful, as are the dormitories called «houses». The school continues to review its impact in the world, to innovate to ensure it is preparing its students as best as possible, and to consciously break down barriers that women of all backgrounds continue to face in education.

I wouldn’t trade my years at Smith for anything – it was an experience that continues to shape my life today. While it is very demanding and extremely rigorous, I feel the curriculum and pedagogy at Smith will prepare me well for working on both the micro and macro levels with a diverse range of clients using psychodynamic and behavioral frameworks.

The instructors are passionate, prepared and caring and the cohort is intellectually challenging and fun. This program is pushing my beyond what I thought I could do, and I know I will be happy for it. Mathew Elder. It is a highly diverse community pulling in the brightest women and faculty in the nation. I was consistently asked to engage in thought provoking and inspirational conversation in and out of the classroom.

I felt inspired to be a better version of myself through the Dance Department’s rigorous curriculum. My only con would be the lack of social engagement available for the graduate students.

I never met any other graduate students except the seven in my department. The undergraduates were consistently engaged in campus wide events and activities. There should be a stronger initiative by the Smith College Graduate School to incorporate the graduate students into campus life.

You are surrounded by a group of women who are passionate and driven and the alumna community continues that sense of community after graduation. Smith is a unique experience and great for a liberal arts degree». However, the academic environment was super cut throat and suffocating at times, as I was a pre-med student.

The student body was mostly rich, upper class white female students with very idealist views of the world. If you are poor, a minority or an immigrant student, it’s pretty easy to feel isolated. Smith’s idea of diversity was to attract «women of color» from all over the world who lives a Western life style, all of whom went to international schools at their home country and couldn’t speak a word of what the natives there spoke.

So yes, Smith had diversity in terms of skin color, but definitely not life experiences or point of views. Go to Smith if you want to learn how to think, but not if you want to learn any actual life skills. So Smith would prepare you well for graduate school, but not for an actual job. Northampton is a cool little town in the rural western mass, where nothing happens, so social life can be Madeleine Lifsey.

The only con is that there could be more resources to give us more hands-on time in the classroom – our elementary student teaching placements are only three mornings per week during the school year. Vanessa Rojas. I remember the dorms being hit during the summer. The Campus is beautiful and the food was good.

Their program is very, very strong clinically and very well known in the field. The administration is also receptive to student feedback. Annelies Spykman. When I was first out of college I attended my first open house at Smith and was wooed immediately by the passion and ethical grounding of the professors and students, as well as the professional structure of the program.

Rachel Sloane. Unfortunately it is extremely expensive and having to move around for school internships is costly. The education is worth the amount but it does make getting by hard for a student like myself.

I feel as though I am gaining the greatest quality of learning for the field of Social Work. The student body is so intelligent and the campus is beautiful! The program itself is incredibly intense but the professors are all aware of the rigorous summer program.

It is also hard to work during the summer months due to the work load and you are placed all over the country to work, making cost of living extremely expensive. Jennifer Budhan. English Language and Literature, General.

Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. Comparative Literature. French Language and Literature. German Language and Literature. Hebrew Language and Literature. Italian Language and Literature. Portuguese Language and Literature. Russian Language and Literature. Spanish Language and Literature. History, General. Mathematics, General. Chemistry, General. Physics, General. Psychology, General. Economics, General. Political Science and Government, General. Art History, Criticism and Conservation.

Dance, General. Music, General. Visual and Performing Arts, General. Career Services. On-Campus Job Interviews Available.

Notable Faculty. Prominent Alumni. Gloria Steinem. Academic Rating. Academic rating. Information from PayScale:. Starting Median Salary Up to Bachelor’s degree completed, only. Starting Median Salary At least Bachelor’s degree. Return on Investment ROI rating. Students Say. They can visit the office to get assistance in tweaking their resumes and cover letters or to gain insight in the grad school admissions process.

And they may definitely take advantage of the career fairs the college hosts. Excerpt from Colleges That Create Futures. Smith has a storied liberal arts background, and its major growth has been in research and the sciences, including their engineering and sustainability programs. A few proud Smithies told us, Picker is «the first and only all-women’s engineering program in the country.

And there are plenty of opportunities for it. From internships, community service, and study-away programs, Smith offers its students the chance to learn from study outside of their campus, either domestic or international.

SURFs gives students more leeway and a bit less faculty guidance in their studies. They are allowed to undertake «true research,» according to an engineering student. Smithies are not only answering a question, they’re discovering the varied answers and analysis that accompanies any in-depth research.

As Steven Williams, Gates Professor of Biological Science, said, «Nothing is more fun than when a student gets a great research result and comes bouncing into the lab because she’s so excited about it. An administrator also mentioned that Dr. Williams are continually finding ways and winning grants to help students continue to flourish.

Application Deadlines. Required Forms. Financial Aid Statistics. Undergraduates who have borrowed through any loan program. Financial aid provided to international students. Expenses per Academic Year. Available Aid. Financial Aid Methodology. Federal Direct Student Loan Programs. Financial Aid Rating.

Student Body Profile. Total Undergraduate Enrollment. Campus Life. Undergrads living on campus. Quality of life rating. Fire safety rating. Housing Options. Cooperative Dorms Female. Other Theme Housing Wellness Housing. Special Needs Admissions. College Entrance Tests Required. Special Need Services Offered. Student Activities. Registered Student Organizations. Athletic Division. Student Services. Green activism is widespread on the Smith College campus. Many use this to pursue research and advocacy projects in sustainability.

Another program, Smith Summer Research Fellows, funds student research with faculty and with organizations on sustainability and other related topics. A number of student environmental groups are active on campus. The student government has created two sustainability positions, and house governments elect sustainability reps for each residence. These address global issues of resource distribution, economics, and policy, and have capstones that focus on local solutions.


Is smith college a good school – is smith college a good school:


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Smith College – The Princeton Review College Rankings & Reviews – The school ‘flatly denies’ the claims they say are ‘baseless’

GPA Breakdown. Students Say.


Is smith college a good school – is smith college a good school:


Learn more about each school below and calculate your chances of acceptance. Log in. My List Connections Find schools Rankings. My feed All communities Peer essay review. All livestreams Articles Essay Prompts Database. All experts Essay review My sessions. Log in Sign up. Select school…. All filters. Admissions difficulty. Best Colleges For Pre Med. All Lists. Harvard University 1 College for pre-med. Calculate chances.

Duke University 2 College for pre-med. University of Pennsylvania UPenn 3 College for pre-med. Washington University in St. Louis WashU 4 College for pre-med. Rice University 5 College for pre-med.

Stanford University 6 College for pre-med. Northwestern University 7 College for pre-med. Brown University 8 College for pre-med. Amherst College 9 College for pre-med. Case Western Reserve University 10 College for pre-med. Georgetown University 11 College for pre-med. Emory University 12 College for pre-med.

Swarthmore College 13 College for pre-med. Cornell University 14 College for pre-med. Vanderbilt University 16 College for pre-med. Tulane University 17 College for pre-med. Bowdoin College 18 College for pre-med. Miami University 19 College for pre-med. Bates College 20 College for pre-med. Williams College 21 College for pre-med. Columbia University 22 College for pre-med. Yale University 23 College for pre-med.

Bryn Mawr College 25 College for pre-med. Dartmouth College 26 College for pre-med. Hamilton College 28 College for pre-med. Carleton College 29 College for pre-med. Middlebury College 30 College for pre-med. Tufts University 31 College for pre-med. Pomona College 32 College for pre-med. Centre College 33 College for pre-med. Colgate University 34 College for pre-med. University of Miami 35 College for pre-med. California Institute of Technology Caltech 37 College for pre-med. University of Chicago 38 College for pre-med.

Princeton University 39 College for pre-med. Union College Kentucky 40 College for pre-med. University of Notre Dame 41 College for pre-med.

Northeastern University 42 College for pre-med. Boston College BC 43 College for pre-med. Scripps College 44 College for pre-med. Boston University BU 45 College for pre-med. Pepperdine University 47 College for pre-med. Santa Clara University 49 College for pre-med. University of Rochester 50 College for pre-med. University of Washington 51 College for pre-med. University of Michigan 53 College for pre-med. Davidson College 55 College for pre-med. Wellesley College 56 College for pre-med. Washington and Lee University 57 College for pre-med.

Seattle University 58 College for pre-med. Barnard College 59 College for pre-med. Pitzer College 61 College for pre-med. Occidental College 62 College for pre-med. University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin 67 College for pre-med. Yeshiva University 68 College for pre-med. Wake Forest University 71 College for pre-med. Wesleyan University 72 College for pre-med. Colby College 74 College for pre-med. Lehigh University 75 College for pre-med. University of Florida 77 College for pre-med. Reed College 78 College for pre-med.

Grinnell College 79 College for pre-med. Rhodes College 81 College for pre-med. Macalester College 83 College for pre-med. Brandeis University 85 College for pre-med. Villanova University 86 College for pre-med. Smith College 88 College for pre-med. Loyola University Maryland 89 College for pre-med. Kenyon College 91 College for pre-med. Whitman College 92 College for pre-med.

Colorado College 93 College for pre-med. Saint Mary’s College Indiana 94 College for pre-med. Vassar College 97 College for pre-med. Chapman University 99 College for pre-med. Clemson University College for pre-med. University of Richmond College for pre-med. University of Pittsburgh Pitt College for pre-med. Enable JavaScript to use our free tools.

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