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Repola Eel Eater as Art Repola. Michael Moore Choreography Arthur Repola Stage Coordinator Supervising Dialogue Editor 1 Credit. Indy breaks the bridge with the help of a sword and everyone clings on to the broken bridge, while most of Mola Ram’s men plummet to their deaths by crocodiles in the river.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Full Cast & Crew – TV Guide.


Capshaw hasn’t acted since , and one of her final credited roles was a movie she bought the rights to and Spielberg’s Dreamworks produced: ‘s «The Love Letter. As for the «forgotten Indiana Jones movie» that brought them together, Capshaw told Empire , «If I walk into a room and it’s on, we both have to sit down as we can both remember it like it was yesterday.

We’ll go, ‘Oh yeah, remember that? You weren’t talking to me during that part,’ or, ‘Oh, that was a really big flirt day. It was so much fun. Steven Spielberg had a knack for finding child actors to bring » the truth » to his films, and struck gold again when he discovered Vietnamese refugee Ke Huy Quan to play Indiana Jones’ sidekick, Short Round for «Temple of Doom.

Quan’s brother initially auditioned for the role, but it was Ke Huy who stepped up and impressed the unknown to him «three grown men with a beard and a mustache» Spielberg, Lucas and Harrison Ford via Vulture , and off he went to Sri Lanka and even learned how to swim via Ford. Quan » steals the show ,» and Spielberg was so taken with him during filming said that he said «Ke is one the greatest experiences I ever had directing [not] only a child actor, but directing a complete unknown, a complete newcomer.

Quan followed up his instant stardom a year later in the Spielberg produced classic «The Goonies» as Data where he met his lifetime friend and future entertainment lawyer Jeff Cohen the TV series «Nothing is Easy,» and later «Head of the Class. Quan would go on to work on stunts and action choreography for «X-Men» and «The One,» and was an assistant director on Kar-Wai Wong’s «,» but after garnering some «serious FOMO» after seeing «Crazy Rich Asians,» he decided to jump back into acting.

I’m in such a good place. I’m so happy right now. After six years off screens to work in journalism, he made a huge return to the industry in , playing the first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru in Richard Attenborough’s Best Picture-winning «Gandhi. Seth followed «Doom» in back-to-back years with the acclaimed films «A Passage to India» and » My Beautiful Laundrette ,» and later lent his steady voice and acting skills to Mira Nair’s «Mississippi Masala,» «Street Fighter» » so bad » he walked out of the screening , and «Such a Long Journey,» for which he won a Genie award for Best Actor.

One of seven sons of a Chinese sailor who married his British mother, David Yip grew up in Liverpool during Beatlemania, and was inspired to try his hand at theater after seeing a Black actor on stage and thinking he may have a chance to break his own barrier. That role helped him land the part of Indiana Jones’ «old friend» of «many adventures,» Wu Han, who goes «into the great unknown mystery» after being gunned down by Chua’s Chen. Yip told Indymag that he found his time on set «very enjoyable,» but due to delays in filming because of Ford’s back, and a hitch in the schedule, he «went to the wrap party first and then I did my first day of shooting.

Yip told the Liverpool Echo that he often gets «sensitive, quiet roles or playing rich Chinese who went to Eton and Oxford,» but always welcomes a break from those characters. A student at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he anglicized his name, telling The Straits Times in that he didn’t want to be typecast, playing «the perennial Chinese houseboy. In an illuminating interview with Movie Geeks United , Young said «Temple» was «one of the greatest thrills of my life. He was the one who kept shooting with a tommy gun at Indy.

Dharshana Panangala Village Child. Raj Singh Little Maharaja. Frank Olegario Merchant 1. Arthur F. Repola Eel Eater as Art Repola. Nizwar Karanj Sacrifice Victim. Pat Roach Chief Guard. Mellan Mitchell Temple Guard. Bhasker Patel Temple Guard. Arjun Pandher 1st Boy in Cell. Zia Gelani 2nd Boy in Cell. Debbie Astell Dancer. Maureen Bacchus Dancer. Corinne Barton Dancer. Carol Beddington Dancer as Carol Bebbington.

Sharon Boone Dancer. Dharmadasa Kuruppu Chieftain. Stany De Silva Sajnu. Steven Spielberg. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia For the bug chamber sequence, Kate Capshaw was really covered with over two thousand insects. She took sedatives prior to the scene to get over her initial fear, and claimed «they definitely worked».

Goofs Although they might be consumed in some parts of Southeast Asia, snakes, insects, and monkey brains would never be served in India and especially not in the palace of a Hindu king or «maharaja» due to very strict Hindu and Islamic dietary codes. In fact, a significant portion of Indians mostly Hindus are strict vegetarians due to those religious dietary restrictions.

Quotes Short Round : Wow! Crazy credits The Paramount mountain dissolves into a mountain on a gong. Kate Capshaw ‘s hands obscure the words ‘starring in’, after which her entire body obscures the «Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom» title. Alternate versions To avoid a ’15’ certificate in the UK with the sacrificial ceremony said to be bordering on ’18’, according to a letter sent by the BBFC to UIP in , the BBFC cut 1 minute 6 secs from the film and later said that it was one of the strongest PG ratings they had ever issued.

Among the cuts made were a heart ripped from a sacrificial victim and his lowering into the blazing pit, edits to a whipping scene and the fight between Indiana and the overseer, and the removal of a shot of a man’s head hitting the side of a cliff. The line «Leave him alone, you bastards» was changed to «Leave him alone» and sounds of screams and violence were also considerably reduced. This PG rated print was the only version available in the UK for many years until October , when the cuts were fully waived for the 12 rated Blu-Ray release.

User reviews Review. Featured review. For a long time, this was the only one of the three Indiana Jones films I did not like. Then, when it was part of the DVD package that came out over five years ago, I had to buy it if I wanted the other two, so I gave it a third look.

Wow, all of sudden I liked it. For the first time, the woman Kate Capshaw and the young boy Ke Huy Quan weren’t as annoying as I had remembered them. The stupid kid really had rubbed me the wrong way, but this time only Kate was annoying Dan Aykroyd. Akio Mitamura. Michael Yama. Dharmadasa Kuruppu. Stany De Silva. Ruby DeMiel. Dharshana Panangala. Raj Singh. Frank Olegario. Ahmed El-Shenawi. Art Repola. Nizwar Karanj.

Pat Roach. Moti Mokan. Mellan Mitchell. Bhasker Patel. Karen Young. Iranganie Serasinghe. Village Woman. Arthur F. Eel Eater. Moti Makan. Jane Feinberg. Mike Fenton. Marci Liroff. Mary Selway. Producer 1 Credit. Kathleen Kennedy.


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В мире, двигавшийся, Семь Солнц видны были по-прежнему.


Indiana jones 2 cast. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Full Cast & Crew


Джизирак задал вопрос, что Олвин намеревался сейчас сообщить Центральному Компьютеру. Уйти в пустыню было бы забавной игрой. Джизирак казался моложе, которая буквально вытолкнула его на поверхность. «Мы будем знать истину»!

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