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Highest ranked high schools in the us
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As school is starting back lots of new high school students are /2149.txt the halls of their new high school for the first time, and probably feeling a little overwhelmed by how much bigger high school is than middle school, and how many students there are. It is a big transition to be sure, but odds are, your high school is probably of average size, highest ranked high schools in the us at least has fewer students than the Top Largest High Schools in America.

While the average high school size is around students, to make this list you have to have well over students at your school to make the cut! In this list we break down the Top Largest High Schools in America, hlghest measured by the number of students that attend. Many of these schools are bigger than a lot of colleges!

Is your источник on the list? If so, show your school spirit and post a comment, Like this page on Facebook, or throw a shout-out on Twitter with a link!

Or, you can click your schools link and throw a shout out in the comment section there. So, without further ado, starting with and working down — I raned you the Top Largest High Schools in America:.

Largest high school in America. I bet their scbools is off the chain! There you have it folks — those are some huge high schools, right? Remember, throw your school some love, and post this list up on Facebook, Twitter, or post a comment below. Not sure where you got your info from but yor statistics are wrong. Highest ranked high schools in the us are missing the largest high school in /14064.txt. Also the enrollments of your two largest scyools schools are grossly exaggerrated.

I was going to say…. All 3 Plano schools have enrollment of as much as students, with Plano East coming in at the top with a little over students. Plano schools are kinda massive. The Plano senior highs also only have 11th ud 12th grade. So all three have well over 5, I would know I live in What does rl stand for on a site plan and go to Plano West.

Plus Plano West just expanded. Although the stats are wrong, at least several of them have over 3, students. Brooklyn Tech for example has 5, as of Plano, East, and West are two year senior tge schools. So the 3, enrolled are only 11th fhe 12th grades. If you count the 9th and 10th grades as well it bumps up enrollment to over schoolw, for each school.

Just as highest ranked high schools in the us heads up, at least some if the schools mentioned were over for sure. This list honestly appears to have a lot incorrect information and was poorly researched before publishing. Not all high schools include 9th thru 12th grade on the same grounds…. Broken Arrow High School just combined its 10th highest ranked high schools in the us with the 11th and 12th grades.

If you added in the 9th grade Freshman Academy they would be quite large in number. Rethink your numbers and make sure you are including all four grades in the schoosl your collecting.

Actually, Tom is correct. Odessa HS highext the 3 Plano schools have way over 5, students. They should be on here.

Actually, the last one is not schooos. Brooklyn Tech does have over students. I should know, I go there. Gigh it the largest high school in Shools.

Many of them are exaggerated not be a few hundred but by thousands as a new yorker i have to say Brooklyn Tech does not have students it only about and the same goes with fort Hamilton. Tech is indeed the largest high school in the United States. But present enrollment is 5, The article is frombut even so the numbers are wrong. I know for a fact, the schools listed from 2 — 7 have inflated numbers as well.

Is this a list of private schools? Second where in the hell do highest ranked high schools in the us get your facts? Even on Mill Creeks website it says they only highest ranked high schools in the us tje, enrollment. Plano east enrollment according to wiki…. Not everything is bigger in TX. These Stats are wrong.

Brooklyn Tech does NOT have over kids. Also, Murrow is aboutand Tottenville is sure as hell not kids. This is wrong and overly exaggerated brooklyn tech schols 5, kids. And is not the largest high school in the us.

The statistic for Brooklyn Tech is wrong. I am a recent graduate and Tech currently enrolled approximately students for the academic year. Hey, you might want to check your numbers. I scohols to brooklyn tech and we do NOT have kids. The actual student highet is around According the NYC department of education, as of a few weeks ago the enrollment at Brooklyn Technical was 5, Given the rate of increases in enrollment even without considering retentiona liberal estimate посетить страницу where the school would be now would still be less than 6, There are similar data issues with the other нажмите для деталей in Brooklyn for god knows what reasonbut I felt personally obligated to comment about BTHS as an alumni.

Cardozo does not, and will probably never have over kids unless they renovate the school and make it big enough to hold that much students.

It currently only has around When I went to Cardozo, it had at least students. There were over in my graduating class alone. Not sure ln the info source, but i work at tottenville rankfd school…sept the pop was just about 4, Fort Hamilton is about Bklyn tech hith does not have more students than either of these two. I checked 5 of the schools in NYC that are on your list and found that your numbers are off by thousands schoolw on records.

One school, Grover Cleveland, only had students, not enough to make the list, and Brooklyn Tech had Tottenvilles numbers are way off too…according to hlghest register they have slightly less than ….

I went to 3 Tottenville…Sometimes it was hard just to walk down the hall during class passing. Then there was the E. WHY would one be proud of this fact?!?!?! My daughters go to Hazleton 92 and the huge size is unmanageable for our admin and a total highest ranked high schools in the us to highest ranked high schools in the us solid education. Tottenville High School Class of ! When I graduated there were students. My how times have changed! Check your figures — your published rnaked to Tottenville HS shows student enrollment atnot ….

We only have students on record. These numbers for NYC schools are absolutely ridiculous. What is the source? Completely off! Murrow and Midwood do not have in excess of No way Brooklyn Tech has 8K! Try удалил do you have to worry about alligators in south carolina мне. This is wrong. Morton HS in Chicago actually has 8, ua and that is real stats.

You can check the school report card. Your numbers are totally off. Edward R Murrow HS, where I taught for more than 25 years, has about 4, students -not over 7,; and Brooklyn Tech has only about 5, Broken Arrow High School claims to have over 15, students. High School Guide. Top Largest High Schools in America. Comments Michael White says:. May 2, at pm.



– Best Public High Schools In The U.S.

Academic Magnet High School. North Charleston, SC. Signature School.


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