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It is carved from the local sand-stone and it is a sitting figure. Stucco was a popular technique in Gandhara art. Table of Contents. Simultaneously with the appearance of Buddha icon in Gandhara Buddha portrait based upon Yaksha model began to be created in the southern worship or Mathura.




Gandhara School of Sculpture – INSIGHTSIAS Gandhara School of Sculpture.The Gandhara School of Art developed during the reign class 8 social science CBSE


Feb 07,  · The Gandhara school of art flourished from the first century BCE to the fourth century CE. Afghanistan’s Bamyan Buddha exemplified the Gandhara School. Other . Gandhara School of Art: Features & examples – Art & Culture. 1. The Gandhara School of Art is also known as the Graeco-Buddhist School of Art. 2. The best specimens of . The Bamiyan Buddha sculptures are an example of Gandhara style art. It thrived primarily in Afghanistan and present-day North-Western India. Taxila, Peshawar, Begram, and Bamiyan .



Gandhara School of Sculpture – INSIGHTSIAS Gandhara School of Sculpture



Material used: Gandhara school of art used bluish Grey and grey sandstone whereas Mathura school of art used spotted red sandstone. Expression: The expression. The Buddha head at Taxila, which is located in the Gandhara region, is an example of Buddha in Gandhara style. However, there are some flaws in. The Gandhara school drew upon the anthropomorphic traditions of Roman religion and represented the Buddha with a youthful Apollo-like face, dressed in garments.

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