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Do alligators live in lake murray sc
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I alligarors never seen one and have spent many hours on the lake. Latest Newscasts. There do alligators live in lake murray sc gators in Murray! Gart er snak es locat ed nea r Lak e Murr ay взято отсюда de th e easte rn ribb on an d easte rn gart er snak es. Ye s, the re ar e 11 publ di lak e are a spo ts availab le t o th e gener al publ ic fo приведу ссылку fishi ng, boa t launchi ng, an d gener al acce ss sev en day s a wee k exce pt fo r certa in holida ys.

Are alligators living near Lake Murray? This SC woman found a 2-foot gator to start .Is There Alligators In Lake Murray Sc? – Kylon Powell


Depending on the time of year, you may even catch the roosting purple martins on Doolittle Island, also known by locals as Lunch Island.

During the summer, you love driving by and catching a glimpse of the nearly one million roosting birds that take over the island. One of your favorite things about the lake is that there is something to do for everyone. The Lake Murray area is just a short drive from the best that the Southeast has to offer. Located near the state capitol, the whole family can enjoy zip line adventures, museum tours, the Riverbanks Zoo and Fort Jackson Waterpark. Residents and visitors alike gather on the shoreline and on their boats to watch the boat parade along with not one, but TWO fireworks displays.

The pyrotechnics are launched from the Dreher and Spence islands and bring the entire lake together for a night of food, fireworks and patriotism. What could be better? Every time you have an occasion to celebrate, you immediately think of the Spirit of Lake Murray. The renowned dinner cruise is the perfect way to celebrate graduations, promotions, anniversaries and holidays. Personally, you jump at the chance to attend wedding receptions, corporate events, and parties aboard the Spirit!

To start the search for your dream lake home on Lake Murray, click here! Occasionally one is spotted, and either killed by residents or removed. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Dec Posts 4, Gators in Lake Murray I meant to ask this monday, but now after the news of the Disney kid, its on my mind.

We took kids out for a sunset swim monday evening. One the way back, I saw something fairly large swirl and dive. Could have been a large fish, or looked like what a smaller gator looks like when they take off.

I’m just curious if there are gators in Murray, rumored or confirmed. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. No gators, just a carp. I’ve seen three on Wateree. My kids, well my youngest daughter will ask about them every once and a while. In all honesty, I ain’t gonna lie to her even though it would make the conversation easier.

I try to explain to her about nature, which she gets, but also how her and to the other two how they should always be aware of it, respectful of nature. Join Date Aug Posts 1, There are gators in Murray! Sorry not sorry, I’ve seen them, DNR lies about them not being there and that’s been admitted to me by 2 different retired green jeans.

Join Date Sep Posts 2, I have never seen one and don’t know anyone who has seen one in Murray. I have spent 40 years in that lake and a large portion of that was at night. I don’t doubt there could be one released or one passing through. Stranger things have happened for sure.

Be advised I also know grown men who tell me with a straight face that they saw that danged ol black panther again. Join Date Dec Posts 24, Join Date Jan Posts 24, If you’re scared of shit happening you better not leave your house and even then you better build a bunker around it. Shit happens! Don’t see why they wouldn’t be in Murray. Best way to teach a kid how to waterski is to tell them there are gators in there. Originally Posted by reezen Yep, the upper part. I would NOT go past blacks bridge skiing or swimming.

Gettin old is for pussies! No one can do it like the master. Never seen one in Murray. A few years back I heard one had made it into a secluded creek on the Lexington side. It may have, I never saw it and don’t think it could survive there. Never seen one spend the winter in a pond north of 1 Highway in the midlands.


– 5 Things Only Lake Murray Natives Would Know

«I said ‘does this mean we have alligators in Lake Murray,’ and the response was, ‘No, Lake Murray is too cold for alligators.’” After debate continued on her post, she later updated her . “I just fished this 30 inch (two-and-a-half foot alligator) out of my koi pond,” she wrote. “DNR says Lake Murray does not have alligators. May 28,  · There are roughly , alligators in South Carolina, according to SCDNR. Why are there no alligators in Lake Murray SC? You’re not likely to see gators towards the .


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