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Cons: «I was informed by text that flight would be 3 hours late but when I called I was told I would need to get to airport at least an hour before scheduled departure as They MIGHT get a new aircraft!!!!

However when I got to airport the flight was now listed at 4 hours late. I had missed my first trAin connection and lost part of that fee because of change then had to take UBER from airport to Penn Station in order to catch the LAST train to my home in upstate NY and was so late I could not call people to pick me up so had to take another taxi.

I am a United mileage person who flies regularly but to Texas and internationally but this was worst flight in years. Cons: «Southwest has much better experience. Cons: «I was unable to load on to the plane after trying to confirm my conferirmatiojn. I was scheduled for a flight from Detroit to Newark New Jersey. I had received a hematoma at the airport directly prior to the flight at the counter in Detroit. It was essential that I be on the flight because my aunt died the next day and was extraordinarily ill.

This was all explained to the agent. They did nothing to help in this mess. I ended up flying to Washington DC on a different airline. They did nothing to try to help. I want a refund for this flight. There is no reason the airline could have helped out in some way. I have emergency room bills and death notices.

Thanks for your help. Pros: «Crew. Aircraft selection. Cons: «The public address system at St Johns is very poor in that you cannot understand the announcements. The announcements are inaudible in the Gate 1 area of the terminal including the adjacent snack bar area.

I asked the gate attendant what an announcement was about and was told that there was a minute delay in our flight. Our group then went to the adjacent snack bar. Less than 10 minutes after the flight delay announcement I walked out of the adjacent snack bar and found that they were already boarding the flight!! Had I not gone back to the gate, we all would have missed our flight!!

Pros: «Everything was on time!!! I flew in the new airplane with the adjustable seats coach and I was comfortable!!! This is a huge difference from a couple of years ago when I totally refused to fly this airline due to the the small uncomfortable seats when I was flying from NY to LA.

The service was amazing – every person from the kiosk help to the suitcase attendant who found my forgotten duty-free purchase after arrival. I had the best experience flying United – they really stepped up their game!!! No complaints!!! Pros: «Nothing at all literaly». Cons: «When experiencing turbulence, the flight attendant came over the speaker and requested everyone to be seated with their seat belts fastened. My husband is afraid of flying and that announcement was terrifying, even for someone who is not afraid to fly.

There has to be some sort of protocol of verbage to use when the turbulance is getting bad, because to insinuate the plane could crash to get your point across is crossing the line. I have been on planes where the turbulance is a lot worse and felt this was really out of line. Pros: «The plane was punctual, and the captain got us home in less time than we expected.

Cons: «A couple degrees more of seat recline would not have bothered me from either end. I would not have felt intruded upon had the gentleman in front of me had another degree or two, and I might have been able to find a comfortable napping position that didn’t leave me uncomfortable. While we didn’t pay for the in-flight entertainment, we know the entertainment is exceptional, and were only disappointed we were pinching pennies. Boarding was pleasant enough in Newark, but Orlando is a terrible airport, and people there seem very ill-mannered.

Not United staff, just people in general. Pros: «The crew was very friendly and helpful, food was ok. There’s suppose to be an option with mobile devices but when you make the ticket purchase it only says that entertainment is included in longflights and it is not. I paid for the entertrainment system but you have only some options and the movies start according to their own schedule so you can’t really pick what you want to watch.

And the directv remotes are not set in a good place, the are in the arm rest, so everytime the person next to you moves the wrong way they change your channel or turn the volume down or something else. For such an expensive and long flight the tiny space between chairs and entertainment lack is unacceptable. Pros: «Getting back home and not having to be afraid that United would lose my bags again.

Worst vacation ever. Pros: «On time boarding». At least 6 overhead bins were locked, which lead to decrease overhead carry on space. Flight crew and passengers had to hastily reshuffle overhead luggage causing inefficient boarding process and confusion during unboarding process. Baggage claim went to a different carousel than the one stated. Cons: «We’re all aware of the national «glitch» the delayed flights a couple of hours.

While our plane was available for an on-time departure UA , the crew was inbound on one of the delayed flights UA United could have known as early as pm that wasn’t going to make it on time to turn around the crew and would hold up as a result. Instead United didn’t update passengers of until 20 minutes after it was obvious that it was delayed and 4.

Maybe I’m missing something, would love for someone at United to explain it. Pros: «The seats were very comfortable – there was ample leg room. The attendant that was handing out drinks and snacks was very nice.

Cons: «Flight was delayed, which I suppose wasn’t the worst thing. I’ve had nicer attendants. Many people had to check bags due to there not being ample room in the overhead compartments, however when I was walking to my seat I couldn’t help but notice that many people had stored their purses, backpacks, and jackets in the overhead compartments.

Many people in the front didn’t have anything at their feet which could have saved at least some people the hassel of having to check their bags when they hadn’t planned on checking any at all. When I offered this idea to the flight attendant to see if he couldnt possibly make an announcement or if he could ask if anyone could move their stuff he simple answered «Well you know what? No one cares.

Cons: «We have been members of Star Alliance for over 20 years with millions of miles in the book, and though I have avoid flying with the US companies of the Alliance, we too United round trip to Miami via Fort Lauderdale, flying down I was surprised that with the short flight the in flight entertainment was not free?

We paid extra for extra leg room and exit seats, though what was left was given away free, which felt a bit unfair for those who paid in advance extra?

Most traumatic was on the return trip, at the gate as we were removed from our prepaid seats, due to the fact that the ground crew checking us in asked us abruptly weather we could assist in the case of emergency, I replied, «Yes», but my partner was confused and did not understood the question nor the context as to what or why she was being asked! As I tried to explained that she was German and that the question had confused her and didn’t primped reply, the crew stope us from boarding the flight, and demanded that our seats be changed for someone who could understand English!

We explained that we both understood and spoke English perfectly well But no one was going to reason with us and quickly removed us from our seats and had us put into the back sectioned which was without extralegal room and proceeded to give our seat out to another couple who volunteered Without charging extra It was appalling their behavior and unreasonable gestures towards their customers and at that a Gold member of the Alliance.

We will no longer book flights with United no matter what comes, even if we have to fly around the world to get there pay triple etc. It felt a hint of racism and with the state of things, I do hope others take heed in consideration of flying with this airline. Thank you».

Pros: «Boarding went well. Lots of empty seats, so i had the whole row to myself. Cons: «There was nearly a 3-hour delay because the plane was late arriving from Newark. Take-off was very bumpy;plane dropped and shuddered for a minute or so Considering the small number of passengers, the flight attendants didn’t spread their time around any more.

Just before the end of the flight, a crew member came offered a glass of water. It tasted so bad that I had to bring it to the back and dump it.

The lfight attendant wouldn;t take it’ he told me to wait for the next member with a trash bag. Pros: «Had the ability to connect in my phone to the app for free in-flight entertainment. Other United flights will have the TV in the headrest but charge you for wifi or to watch TV or movies.

Cons: «Our flight got delayed 3 hours which I understand happens but they boarded group 1 individually, group 2 individually, then combined groups 3, 4, and 5 in the same line. I was in group 3 but was stuck behind people in other groups.

Also, they ran out of room in the overhead storage which is frustrating when you’re flight is already pushed out to a later time – the last thing I want to do at am is wait for my luggage because it had to be checked. People brought on carry-on suitcases along with 1 personal item which were huge tote bags or backpacks.

There’s got to be a way to monitor overhead storage for items like that – if it’s the size of a carry-on, they should need to check their suitcase. The snack was lack-luster. I went on a 5-hour flight to Seattle a few months ago and one cookie with no protein is hardly filling for that long of a flight. Cons: «Because United scheduled flights without regard to airport Construction in Boston my flight was changed 3 times and I still missed my connecting flight. After I missed my flight, they refused to schedule me on the next available flight even though people behind me were scheduled because they were preferred customers.

They refused to pay for my hotel and the customer service was rude arrogant and dismissive. I will absolutely never fly United again. The crew on the Boston flight to Newark was lovely everything beyond that was absolutely abhorrent. We got to our connecting flight exactly as boarding closed and they refused to let 11 people board.

And subsequently, United staff was rude to us saying it wasn’t their fault. Cons: «I don’t think it’s fair that you don’t any money back of you cancel your plane ticket. It shouldn’t matter what type of ticket it was. You should at least be allowed a voucher for the amount of the ticket at a later date. Even if it’s a percentage off, you should be allowed something.

How is it that you can buy a car worth thousands, and be allowed to return it under the Lemon Law. When a company called can make billions of dollars doing this, it’s just taking advantage of the little people. Pros: «I liked the fact another passenger was willing to switch seats so my husband and I could sit together. Cons: «I didn’t like the attitude received from the person at the desk at the gate.

My husband and I looked at our tickets and were surprised to see the seat assignments I had chosen when I purchased the tickets were not there and instead the boarding pass said «see agent». She then assigned us seating in separate rows and handed us new boarding passes. No explanation. We looked at them and handed them right back and said no thank you, we had purchased tickets together. She said, «this flight has been oversold» and motioned for the next passenger to step up. This really upset my husband who told her, «Wait, we are not finished discussing this!

She then said if we didn’t reclaim them when checking in, 24 hours prior, the seats then became available again. What kind of logic is this?! If I wanted to be treated like cattle I would have stuck with Southwest! It’s back to Southwest for us. At least they are up front with their rules. Pros: «They got me there». Cons: «late which made me run to my next flight which was quite a hike».

Pros: «It was pretty cheap». Cons: «Our flight was delayed because the pilot wasn’t there. I feel like this sort of thing always happens with united.

When I went to ask for help about my connecting flights I was treated like I was the one inconveniencing them. And the response I got was there’s nothing we can do if you miss your connecting flight the only one going out today is at 10 pm but it’s completely full already.

Pros: «Being able to leave on my desired day. Cons: «This would have been my first time on this airline ans I was excited going into it with ano open mind. However as I was getting ready to head to the airport, my flight was canceled and they rebooked for another flight that would leave the next day with a 3 to 4 hour layover. I was frustrated with the flight selected and therected seemed to be no effort into suiting me with an equivalent flight in which I purchased, which was a direct flight.

I spoke to a reap that found a flight on another airline, but it still was not a direct flight in which I requested. For this being my first impression I was not impressed! Pros: «The flight was short». Cons: «We had to walk almost halfway to Newark just to get to the flight. It was outside on the Tarmac at the very very very end of the terminal, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

We immediately called to retrieve it and at first were told to file a complaint online, no matter how many times we tried to tell them that time was of the essence in this situation.

We also begged the united airlines personnel to speak with a manager and he wouldn’t put one on the phone. In the end all they could tell us is that the folder «wasn’t there»».

Cons: «Flight was bumpy all the way to Newark , didn’t like that». Pros: «Crews were good». Cons: «Restroom smells awlful». Pros: «Speedy boarding». Cons: «Very uncomfortable, seats are too close together and do not recline. Cons: «seats too tight». Cons: «The staff Horrible Airline personnel encountered, so unprofessional!!! Pros: «It didn’t crash». Cons: «Seats are the worst and don’t recline». Pros: «It got me where I needed to go». Pros: «The crew members were really nice and apologetic.

I feel bad that they have to represent such a poorly managed company». Cons: «Our flight was delayed until 1 am then pushed back again to 4 am. We werent told about our changes until the last minute. In general there was poor communication.

We were told we would get travel vouchers and then told we would get meal vouchers. The meal vouchers were all disorganized, so my friend and I never got them. Pretty terrible experience overall. I’m surprised the passengers were so calm. I pretty much never write reviews, so I’m saying this because it was actually really bad. Pros: «On time Connection very close to original flight».

Cons: «Seats horrible No wi fi Lousy food selection». Pros: «Plane did not crash. Thankful that the water was free and there was no charge for cabin pressurization. Cons: «Steerage accomodations deceptively marketed. Was on a Delta flight 2 days earlier at a lower price. Couldn’t believe yours was the same model plane, Congratulations on having designed the most mean SPIRiTED seat in the airline industry – deliberately less undersest storage and no cushioning or reclining so you can pack in like sardines, only to find on ticket checkout that I would have to add a special premium because the right to sit is not included in my ticket price.

By the time I discovered I’d be paying for my cup of coffee, I wasn’t even surprised. I, and the two travelers I met sharing my row, were first and last time customers,».

Cons: «This isn’t my first time flying Frontier, the flight itself is reasonably priced but after paying for luggage and seats it becomes comparable to other airlines. My dislike comes from the flight being delayed in Denver to NYC, the gate was changed twice and the updates for the new departure came 40 minutes after the flight was supposed to leave. The flight didn’t have wifi which is unfortunate and the flight attendants were ok; they did try to help when my 18 month old son was screaming endlessly because he was exhausted after being in the airport since am for a flight for an a am that was supposed to land in NY by 5pm and didn’t land until pm.

Pros: «Good». Cons: «wished I knew about the fees for both checked and carry-on luggage». Pros: «it was an ok flight, flight attendants were nice and attentive». Cons: «i found them unkempt». Cons: «I think this flight only leaves once in the evening from LGA and they couldn’t get that right.

I didn’t realize there was a fee for carry-on and since I paid the fee round-trip, I might as well paid another airline that charged slightly higher for the entire trip. No complimentary drinks or snacks – really! Cons: «frontier was awful. Pros: «Lumbar supports in the seats.

Service and cleanliness were both great. Pros: «I like that Boarding On time. And even can’t find the space to put it on the cabinet above my seat. Flight attendant just tell me to look for another space. They never help me anything. It took me a while to find the one far away from where I was seated. One of male flight attendant opened the cabinet above my head, maybe grab his stuff but one bottle of water fell down.

It almost hit my head and luckily it just touched my shoulder. It was my horrible experience. I picked this flight because it fits my schedule. Next trip I will never take it any more. Pros: «Very comfortable flight». Cons: «Had to choose my seat and pay for it». Pros: «Price and execution of flight. Cons: «Seats don’t recline.

Pros: «No complaints for the crew. Cons: «My complaint seems to be the number one complaint for the company. They offer reasonable fees only to hit you with fees for everything when it’s time to check in. Your asked to pay for your seat, checked bags and carry ons coming and going. Not worth the headache and will never travel with them again. Pros: «The plane took off and landed without killing me.

Cons: «LGA terminal was a mess. Pros: «Flight was efficient- left on time- boarded quickly- crew was nice. Those were the only Pros. Even if its not an upgrade!! Cons: «Delayed on the way there and on the flight back as well Pros: «Delayed 5 hours then canceled.

Pros: «Much better than some of these big name airlines claim to be. Will fly with them again. Cons: «Long wait times to drop off a luggage, late departure, long boarding time, no snacks, small hard seats, pay for everything». Pros: «It’s cheap, easy boarding, and really friendly crew. Cons: «Ummm it’s cheap. No leg room, can’t tilt seats back, charges for everything now. I really used to like frontier but now they charge for even using the bathroom! Cons: «We missed out flight because Frontier originally delayed the flight 45 minutes, only to take off on time, with no announcement or update to the flight status online.

We went to the gate 15 minutes after the original departure time to be told it had already taken off. We checked the status of the flight multiple times online to avoid this very thing and the online status never changed. We ended up booking another flight on Delta to get us home. Pros: «The pilot was nice and the plane was very clean.

Cons: «One flight attendant was yelling all over the plane instead of politely walking up to guests and informing them that the overhead baggage holders were full.

Also, there seem to be a mix up with seating as before the plane doors closed, this same flight attendant allowed a guest to move to another seat, only for the ticket attendant to walk back on the plane and inform the flight attendant that she needed those seats. I usually fly with Delta, American Airlines, and in my 30 years of traveling have I not seen such unprofessionalism with regards to miscounted seats and the way the flight attendant handled those customers.

Pros: «No problems. Enjoyed the flight and would travel again on Frontier. Pros: «Nothing!! Cons: «It was late, uncomfortable, and the ticket counter refused to help. Never again. Pros: «You pay for what you get for No delays Nice flight attendants I would flight again». Cons: «- No complementary snacks – No move or entertainment». Pros: «Crew was nice. Cons: «3 hours late taking off. Pros: «the low initial fare». Cons: «leg space non existent tray table too small, can fit a lunch box carry on policy – there’s no carry on allowed».

Why did the crew leave it to other passengers to have to say something? It made for a completely miserable experience like none other I’ve ever experienced on any airline. Pros: «haha food??? Cons: «baggage fees were ridiculous. Not even a soda or coffee was given. Everything had to be purchased. No music to listen to. You say the flights are discounted, but by the time you pay per bag checked and a drink, you may as well fly another airline for the same price.

Cons: «My girlfriend and I struck up a conversation with a woman sitting next to us in our row about an hour into the flight. About 10 minutes after that we notice the woman in front of us is glaring at us, writhing around in histrionics, holding her ears, cursing to her husband and basically making every passenger around her look at each other wondering «what is going on with this woman»? Finally this woman turns around and is staring at us.

I ask her if there is a problem, and she replies «yeah. There is. Every one seen to be very confused. They have very bad costumers service. I even cut myself wile trying to put the bag into the square that they now have, to see if it can go into the airplane.

I was very surprised that they didn’t even excuse themselves for the inconvenient They have no organization. Cons: «This was a connecting flight which I missed because of a giant delay on the first leg of my journey». Pros: «Staff were nice. Cons: «They didn’t even provide nuts!! No snacks at all after the long trip. Pros: «The people at the gate and on the plane were nice. But I flew United Airlines not Lufthansa. Cons: «Really sad that you have to pay extra money to watch the monitors on the back of the headrest for a 2.

That’s crappy. And then there is a point when you’re out of the Directv Range. We’re paying more for flights and then they have flight waitresses trying to monetize the time you’re in the air. And when I was checking in in Berlin this guy was asking me a ton of questions, but didn’t ask the next 5 people any questions.

When I stared at him he started asking others questions. It’s really none of your business why I’m going somewhere or what I’m doing. These terrorist attacks are giving people authority they have no business having.

Pros: «Not much, except the fact that it could have been worse. Cons: «- Cheap quality food. And less in quantity. Less options. And they ran out of meal options even though I indicated them at the time of booking. Clearly, they were not replaced. Toilets didn’t have basic supplies like moisturizers. Not to mention they were super cramped.

Small LCD and were of the smallest resolution and viewing angles – made watching anything akin to watching those cam rips floating all over internet. And the premium seat didn’t have any better room. Overall, one of the poorest flights I have ever flown on. Even Air India has much better planes and service. Pros: «Great entertainment system with lots of selections. Electrical outlets and USB port also great amenities but mine didn’t work on the return flight. Cons: «I am a small person and found the legroom to be inadequate.

For a long, overseas flight, more space is needed. I had more legroom on my domestic flight with United. Also, the airline attendants for Air NZ were unpleasant and downright grumpy at times. It made a long, uncomfortable flight seem a whole lot longer.

Attendants on my United Airlines leg was phenomenally more professional. Makes for a much happier passenger. Pros: «Crew members were very helpful to my mum who was a disabled wheelchair passenger while on flight. She kept on asking for help as she was a wheelchair passenger but was no response. Finally after she called another passenger to go and ask for help for her somebody who was apparently on a higher position came and assisted my mum.

Very very disappointed for the way she was handled as a wheelchair passenger. I had specifically called and had spoken about her attendance and was assured that she would be in good hands. Totally disappointed with the service. Pros: «Delays in both flights». Pros: «It wasn’t over crowded. Cons: «When arriving to the airport it was a bit confusing first finding where to get our connecting flight, that may have been an airport problem. We had to walk all over the airport with less and less time to spare to make our flight out.

When asking for direction or where to go we could never get a straight answer, it seem as if no one knew where to send us. I felt if I was being herded and hustled on getting a flight home, I had no choice in the matter of getting my flight out. If it wasn’t for another passenger flying on the same plane we may have missed our flight all together because she was getting alerts on her phone for changes or updates. Once on the flight the air-condition was linking on one of our seat and we were first told to put a blanket over our head until take off, then we saw some empty seats so we asked to move.

Once arriving at Cleveland airport we only discover our luggage had not arrived yet, not only did it not arrive we were told it had not yet left London Hethrow Airport and we would maybe get it in 24 hours.

This was a problem because some of our personals we needed were in that luggage and we just had to make due and wait and see. We got our luggage the next day only for me to notice my lock was not on my luggage I do not know if this was taken off or I mistakenly left it off but I really do not think I did but I will check with the hotel to see if I left it there.

I have always liked United but this really made me think on who to plan my next trip with later this year. And certainly will do my best to avoid coming through New Jersey. Pros: «Bad». Pros: «My flight was overbooked, and I was in one of the later boarding groups. When I got on the plane, someone else was in my seat, and apparently had been told by the crew to sit there.

There were no extra seats visible. Clearly upset, a very nice flight attendant brought me back to the galley and chatted with me not reacting negatively to my less-than-stellar attitude given the situation while another went to «handle it. An unfortunate situation was handled very well and I’m really appreciative! Cons: «I couldn’t get the WiFi to work and my seat didn’t recline because it was an exit row.

Cons: «While people were waiting on delay their was no effort made to get people seat locations. When time to board their was a line of 30 people getting new seat location before they could board the plane.

A seat location I had for 3 months and checked in Ft. Myers 8 hours earlier was occupied so I was told very rudely to get in line behind 30 people to get new seat location.

It took over an hour to board plane before take off. There was non English speaking customers who received no help boarding plane finding seats because crew was laughing joking with other passenger. They tried to put a non English speaking passenger in exit row. Pros: «I love the check in process!! You go to a kiosk and print your boarding pass and luggage tag and then just go and hand in your bag to an agent.

Soooo easy. Then no ones in line forever. I was very impressed with the little extra amount of leg space that is not always on most planes. The flight wasn’t very full and the crew was kind and generous with a couple of us wanting to switch our seats around. The tvs in the back of the headrest definitely kept me occupied watching New Girl. Overall, I was very comfortable and got to my destination without getting upset or angry once It didn’t take very long to get through It just looked incredibly daunting.

But I realize that there isn’t really much that can be done about that! Cons: «Never took second flight it was canceled. I was very upset». Pros: «Fast an easy flight». Pros: «The crew was so warm and kind. The really made the trip. Cons: «I fly often. Mostly internationally for work, but often enough domestically that I am a learned flyer.

I hated that there was no complimentary anything on this airline. There was food and beverage, that you also had to pay for, no complimentary soda or nuts on this airline. Also there was a carry on baggage fee!!!!

Like wtf. Pros: «Nothing – flight delay 3 times. Cons: «I ended up not taking the trip at all». Cons: «The flight didn’t have pushback seats. They charged extra for carry on.

The most tiring flight I have ever had. Cons: «I paid extra for seats for my wife and I on the first row, and the seats didn’t have the capability to lean back. There was no in-flight entertainment, we couldn’t get to our luggage, and there were no complimentary drinks or snacks except for water. Yes, these are first world problems, but in all of the flying I’ve ever done I don’t think I have ever had so few aminaties offered, especially after paying for the upgraded seats. Very dissappointing.

Pros: «The crew and the journey was on point but the passengers». Cons: «Due to the passengers this was my worst flight ever». Cons: «This airline charges for everything I didn’t land until 1am. Pros: «I really don’t understand». Cons: «It’s too much delay that cost me almost my job. I had almost 7hrs transit in Denver and the plan has been parked there for almost 7 hours and when we start to depart, all frontier employees start doing things they supposed to do an hour a good.

I assum frontier carry between ppl, if 10 frontier employees finished their an hour check things around, it would be very very helpful instead westing hours of passengers. When I saw the commitment of each employees in under cover boss show I was so excited to fly, but I don’t think I can afford to the delay. Cons: «Flight delay of 4 hours not communicated until 10 minutes before departure. Flight was cancelled 2 hours later with no attempt to accomodate any passengers.

I had to take a train to Philadelphia just to get another flight home and all expenses were out of my pocket. If I had backed out on the flight after booking, the air line charges me a fee, but if they refuse to follow through on returning me home, I am out of pocket.

Cons: «Flight cancelled without compensation». Pros: «Flight boarded, left and arrived on time. Cons: «Uncomfortable, crew was rude». Cons: «Didnt have someone at the gate to check my luggage or even to put in on the next flight. The security then took all of my stuff since I had to try and take it through the tsa and check it at the gate. Overall annoying and I would like to have my money back for the bags that I didn’t use!

How ridiculous is that? Even thought I explained the same to the flight attendant, they were not even ready to hear to me!! Very Bad!!! How can a new Airline grow with such attitude? Pros: «I like that the flight attendants seemed like they were having a good time.

Cons: «I didn’t like that there is very, very little leg space on the plane. Virtually every person that flies has a bag, so the «cheaper» flight is actually just as expensive as any other airline. Also, on a 4. This, again, adds to the price and makes it the same price if not more than flying with a possibly more desirable airline. As we were boarding the flight, Zone 1, 2, The woman directing the boarding process just walked away and never came back to welcome those passengers as well.

This was the first time and certainly the last time I will fly with Frontier. Unfortunately, selling yourself as a more affordable option should come with reasons to keep your new customers, not give them countless reasons to pay a little extra to fly with someone else. The business model here feels a little scammy, as a consumer.

I assume you will be able to keep customers for a while through selling yourself as the more affordable option, but people are smart and will catch on to the fact that is a bit deceiving. Pros: «The flight home went really quick. Cons: «No wifi, movies, super cramped seating, no free snacks or drinks, had to pay for bags, no alt flights.

Took extra long time to open door, depart from plane on way there. Cons: «I did not book this particular flight for these dates. Cons: «Unexpected cost Not honoring boarding by zone Pros: «People were professional and everything ran smoothly. It soured the rest of what was otherwise perfectly good service. Other passengerss reacted the same way.

The looks on their faces for having to pay for both types of bags was priceless. I mentioned the cheaper check-bag fee at the counter and she said, «Oh, but you said it was carry-on». It just felt scammy. Easy-Jet has been a discount airline for ages and they give you all the options up front so you know what you’re getting into.

They practically charge you for toilet paper but there are no surprises. Add the extra aggravation of LaGuardia’s third world style and you end up with a frustrating day for avoidable reasons. Cons: «I’ve never met such a rude staff. Every single attendant and ticket staff was horrific. Everything was dirty and the Frontier workers treat us like animals. I’ve also never been on any other airline even spirit that made you pay for a duffel bag. I will continue to fly Spirit or Delta from now on and never again with Frontier.

Pros: «Nothing – everyone was rude. Cons: «There was NO information provided on the flight being late. Cons: «I don’t like paying for carry-on luggage, especially when I had no idea until I was about to board the plane. My seat was uncomfortable. I thought Row 5 on an Airbus would have reclining seats, but to my disappointment it did not. I was surprised when the attendant informed me that most of the seats in the front front of the aircraft do NOT recline.

Overall, flying Frontier reminded me of the one or two times I flew Spirit. I have avoided that airline ever since, and I will probably do the same with Frontier. Will never fly with them again! Pros: «Initial price». Cons: «So here’s the deal. I knew a decent amount about Frontier going into this flight, but seeing it with your own eyes is shocking. They basically exist to charge passengers extra money at the last minute. Combine all the unpleasantness of other airlines in one, and that’s what you get.

As an engineer, I appreciate innovating to bring down prices, but that is not what’s happening here. It’s a case study in forcing people to accept the lowest common denominator in the broken system that is air travel.

Also, this is a stripped down airline now, with no drinks served and not even a package of peanuts or crackers. The reps at the check in counter for baggage were incredibly rude, and a French man standing next to me did not understand that he’d have to pay for luggage, and as he had no credit card, he had no recourse. He was sent on his way to the gate with his bag, but then was not let on the flight with the bag he had no way to pay for!!

I will never fly Frontier again. Pros: «I got to Denver safely and the flight attendants were nice». Cons: «Major flight delays, the plane was not clean and my seat smelled like dirty socks, the space on the plane was so small that I began to hyperventilate.

The attendants barely gave out water and quickly ignored you if you weren’t buying something. The only thing free was the water. Pros: «The flight attendant and pilot were nice and seemed to care».

Cons: «The people at the ticketing counter were talking to each other and not present with those trying to check in. The plane ticket was cheap, but then it was a surprise that I frontier charges for carry ons and on flight beverages. So it pretty much equals out. The aircraft itself was pretty ghetto and cheap feeling. There was a child on the plane playing with an electronic toy that played a most annoying song for literally the entire time of the overnight flight. I was disappointed no one who worked on the aircraft asked these parents to make this toy stop so people could sleep».

Pros: «It was inexpensive, at first Made it to destination safely». Cons: «You had to pay for carry-on The seats on the plane were comparable to fold out lawn chairs. Plane needs updates, wifi». Pros: «Great crew excellent maneuvering of aircraft by flight deck crew. Cons: «Airline lost my luggage». Pros: «Non its terrible! There’s mosquito on the plane. Its hot. Seats cannot be inclined at all. And its dirty. There are drunk weird people too that the security doesnt seemed to care.

Cons: «It was late! And its ok for planes to be late it happens but this airline company is horrible. They informed as too late via email that its going to be delayed that i decided to take it easy for a while its going to be 2hrs delayed from 10pm was moved to But then when i called them they said to come in early anyway coz it might change.

What the heck! What if i took a nap since they informed people its going to be 2 hrs delayed from normal sched and then i miss my flight??? Just for them to say just come in early anyway they’re just too unprofessional and horrible. Il never fly here again.

Pros: «Read the fine print. This airline is cheap for a reason. There is a fee for carry on bags, and nothing is complementary. Seating is randomized unless you pay extra for a preferred seat. I opted for the cheapest option, no carry on and a random seat. This placed me at the back next to the rest room, but that’s how it goes. Seats were very small, with the least leg room I’ve ever experienced.

Thankfully, my flight was only 2 hrs long, and though we were delayed boarding 30minutes, we still arrived on time. Crew was very friendly and the plane was clean. I would recommend this airline for a short flight in which you have no luggage!

Cons: «I’m 6’1, and I wish I would have paid extra for a «stretch» seat. No leg room in the regular seats. Pros: «Cheap. Cons: «No frills.

Seriously none. Pros: «It was a good flight, crew was very kind and entertaining during take off instructions. Seats were spacious with enough seat belt per person».

Cons: «Seats didn’t recline». Pros: «No frills, no fuss. Left on time, no coddling. Cons: «Charge extra for everything. No entertainment, not even music. Snacks for sale not appealing or healthy. Web site and app completely nonfunctional and not user friendly. Cons: «Had to pay for check in a bag and carry on bag Had to pay to be seated». Pros: «Baggage fees should be made more clear when booking they are also way too expensive».

Cons: «Baggage fees should be made more clear when booking they are also they are also way too expensive». Pros: «Smooth transition getting on and off the flight. Cons: «There was no tv’s on the flight and only complimentary thing we got was water. Cons: «Had to pay for carry on». Cons: «I didn’t know I had to pay so much extra for my luggage. I’ll be flying very often from this point forward – unfortunately it will not be on Frontier. I don’t this airline is very honest.

Cons: «Seats did not recline. Pros: «Only thing i liked is That we didnt crash». Pros: «Na». Pros: «Not much to like the plan was clean. Cons: «The flight was two hours delayed. Quarantine requirements Visitors from Connecticut are not required to quarantine after entering New York.

Quarantine requirements Visitors from New York are not required to quarantine after entering Connecticut. Departure points for flights from Connecticut to New York Select to see more specific information for flights to New York from all departure points in Connecticut. Top 2 airlines flying from Connecticut to New York The chart below displays the airlines Cheapflights users traveling from Connecticut to New York choose most often.

Cheapest and average prices are based on aggregated data from the past 12 months. Popular flight searches Check out other popular destinations found by fellow travelers in Flights from Miami to Madrid. Flights from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Flights to Fort Myers. Flights to Belize City. Flights from Denver to Las Vegas. Flights to Ukraine. Flights to Fresno. Your exact time may vary depending on wind speeds.

If you’re planning a trip, remember to add more time for the plane to taxi between the gate and the airport runway. This measurement is only for the actual flying time. You should also factor in airport wait times and possible equipment or weather delays.

If you’re trying to figure out what time you’ll arrive at the destination, you may want to see if there’s a time difference between Connecticut and New York.



Connecticut to new york flight. Find cheap flights from Connecticut to New York


Filter by cabin class, free Wi-Fi and more. Confirm policy on booking site. KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Connecticut to New York LaGuardia Airport.

Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. Sometimes travel dates aren’t set in stone. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

The flight was delayed by over an hour. Boarding was didn’t start until 20min after it was expected to. Take off was delayed by over an hour. I should have landed in NYC at Instead it landed at LGA Terminal A is terrible. One-way Round-trip Multi-city Round-trip. Direct flights only Include hotels. Good to know. JetBlue Overall score based on reviews. Airline reviews. They are misleading, rude and deceitful. Cons: «Baggage took forever. Cons: «Late boarding, crew was snotty, plane was freezing».

Pros: «The movies on plane». Cons: «Everything else- the flight was delayed 6 hours to my trip and 3 hours from my trip. Pros: «This time within the last couple months the trip a lot better. Cons: «Not taking over 5 hours to get to my destination. Movies were down as were many of the channels. Although a disappointment, JetBlue is still amazing!

Cons: «There was a woman with a small dog who did not have a carrier and was being difficult- at boarding and on website it should have been made clear what the regulations were regarding pets». Pros: «Crew». Pros: «We arrived early». Cons: «The entertainment system was missing at my seat. It was also down for the entire plane. The crew missed my row for drinks. Cons: «All good. Pros: «Staff was amazing loved every minute of flight».

Pros: «Loved the movie and tv show selections available». Cons: «Direct TV did not work for me. Really wanted to watch the AFC championship football game but I couldnt because direct tv wasnt working. The crew including the pilot never informed us as to what was going. Terrible communication. Also, in regard to myself, I was sitting in an Exit Row and the flight attendant came over to ask unless individually if we were willing and able to handle our responsibilities.

Before each of us was ready to answer he said OK, turned around and left. What would have happened if we had a problem and someone in the Exit Rows had a concern? Pros: «Sat on the runway for 50 minutes after a 35 minute delay. Was very uncomfortable. Not happy. Pros: «Free wine , free coffee, quick flight». Pros: «The seating space was just right, and thanks for the complimentary Sprite.

The directv screen kept going offline. The complementary cookies ran out». Pros: «Everything was smooth and went as desired. All staff pleasant and helpful. Kept informed every step of the way. Airplane comfy and clean. Pros: «My wife were satisfied with everything. Cons: «No reason to say anything, we were grateful to be there.

Pros: «Landed much earlier than expected! Cons: «Flight was way delayed. Pros: «Not much». Cons: «Checked in online, but no gate was assigned. When I asked the person at the desk what gate I was to board at, he looked up the information as if I was asking him for the access code Chase’s bank vault.

He didn’t even write it down even thought he had a pen in his hand. Apparently, at customers, we are not suppose to get this information and it’s a burden on the employees to give it. Again the flight was late and while I know it was due to weather, we were seated in the plane and sat at the gate for more than an hour.

Apparently, we were not cleared to be given an update. Once again, the speakers at the seat didn’t work. Apparently, this is a constant problem with JetBlue». Pros: «the take off». Cons: «the landing was very rough».

Pros: «Nothing». Cons: «We were delayed due to poor weather on takeoff and on landing due to airport traffic. Cons: «Not acceptable for plane to be minutes for no real reason». Pros: «Quick service no complaints. Cons: «Tv service was weird. Cons: «A woman was boarding the plane with two babies and clearly struggling to get to the back of the plane. When she could not handle it anymore she asked one of the flight attendants to help her.

She was refused assistance by her. Then the flight attendant came to the front of the plane laughing uncontrollably say, «OMG, did you see her having a meltdown I was disgusted by the flight attendant’s behavior and attitude. Pros: «The flight wa on time, fast and safe. Cons: «Everthing was fine». Pros: «The staff was pleasant and respectful even when some passengers were rude.

Cons: «Paying for headphones. Cons: «The boarding pass machine was broken, almost missed my flight. The customer services was rude. Pros: «Free beer! Cons: «Nothing, it was excellent! Pros: «Crew was exceptional». Pros: «Easy flight, size of plane and a really nice staff this trip». Pros: «Polite crew. Flight on time. Pros: «Good boarding and got to my destination early». Cons: «Delay, delay, delay. Pros: «On time». Computer record showed that I did not board despite my boarding pass being scanned and my passport number entered at the gate before I boarded.

I left for a 6 day trek to Choquequirao, Peru without any of the gear that I needed for this trip. I had to acquire the bare minimum in a rush the night before leaving for the trek. I’m 10 days into my trip and still do not have my bag.


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