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Can you hunt black bears in south carolina
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Meetings are held monthly, usually on the third Thursday of the month. Anyone may assist a permitted hunter during the hunt, but all assistants must possess a hunting license unless they are under the age of Can Hunters Kill Cubs?

Can you hunt black bears in south carolina –


South Carolina ranks 24 in the nation for hunting license per capita and has a strong hunting culture with over 5. The state of South Carolina is predominantly private land and only 4. In fact, South Carolina ranks 37 overall in acres of public huntable land. Why limit yourself to public land when there are millions of acres of private land to explore. There are many different types of hunting available, from small game to big game. The most common type of hunting is deer hunting, but there are also opportunities to hunt for wild turkey, quail, rabbit, and rabbit and even more exotic hunting like wild boar and alligator.

Hunting is a popular pastime in South Carolina, and there are a variety of small game animals that can be hunted. The most popular species include squirrels, rabbits, doves, quail, and whitetail deer. Each of these animals offer unique challenges and can provide hours of enjoyment for hunters. Squirrels, for example, are known for their quick movements and cunning nature, while rabbits are often difficult to track down in dense brush.

Dove hunting is also popular in South Carolina, as the state has a large population of these birds. Whitetail deer are perhaps the most popular game animal in South Carolina, as they provide good eating and are relatively easy to hunt. The most popular big game animals to hunt in South Carolina are white-tailed deer, feral hog, black bear, and elk. South Carolina is home to a diverse array of wildlife, and these species are among the most popular to hunt.

White-tailed deer are the most commonly hunted big game animal in the state, and for good reason — they are abundant and can be found in nearly every county. Feral hog populations have exploded in recent years, leading many hunters to seek them out.

Black bear are found in the western part of the state, and while they are not as common as other species on this list, they are a coveted trophy. Finally, elk were reintroduced to South Carolina in and have quickly become a popular quarry. The hassle free way to monetize your acreage.

South Carolina offers great hunting opportunities across the state, both on public and private land. Congaree National Park is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including deer, turkey, and quail.

Santee National Wildlife Refuge is another great option, with over 20, acres of forest and wetlands to explore. Congaree National Park 2. Santee National Wildlife Refuge 3. Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge 4. Francis Marion National Forest 5. Since the majority of South Carolina is private land getting access for hunting can be very appealing. Traditionally, accessing private land for hunting has been complicated and expensive.

Department of Natural Resources. But Waldrop said the biggest reason for the increased mountain harvest may relate to food: bears have found it easier to locate nuts in certain areas of the southern Appalachians of South Carolina in recent years.

That makes it easier for hunters to locate the areas where the bears feed. In eastern Oconee County, for instance, white oak trees dropped substantially more acorns this year, causing bears to congregate in the area, she said. Bears find white oak acorns particularly succulent.

Bears killed by hunters in South Carolina are often in the pound-range, but sometimes can exceed pounds, Waldrop said. The largest bear killed this year was a pound bruin in eastern Oconee County. The state record is a pound bear. Bear hunting is a controversial but long-standing tradition in the southern Appalachians, occurring for generations in South Carolina and other southeastern states. Mountain people historically killed the bears for food and clothing, although critics say bear harvests today amount to little more than trophy hunts.

Coastal areas near Myrtle Beach also have wild populations of black bears that move back and forth along river corridors from the North Carolina coast. Through the years, black bears have been regularly killed by motorists as the animals scampered across highways in the Myrtle Beach area.

South Carolina legalized bear hunting in that part of the state about 10 years ago. And in , the state for the first time allowed hunters to use bait to attract bears on the northern coast, a result of a change in the law by the Legislature. The highest number of bears previously reported killed by hunters on the coast was 14 in , records show.

Wendy Keefover, who tracks bear hunting issues for the Humane Society of the United States, said the number of bears killed by hunters in South Carolina and other places is a concern and appears to go against public opinion.

One recent study, for instance, found that much of the public takes a dim view of trophy hunting, as opposed to hunting for meat or wildlife management, the society said. Hunting for deer, elk and birds is more acceptable than for other animals, such as mountain lions, wolves and bears, according to the report for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Another recent study indicates that hunting has taken a toll on bear populations in recent years in the southern Appalachian mountains of the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee.

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– SCDNR – Hunting – Bear

South Carolina’s black bear population dropped drastically when early settlers nearly wiped them out with overhunting and deforestation. The possession and use of bear tags is limited to the individual to whom it was issued. Can Hunters Kill Cubs? Tags must be attached to the bear before being moved from the point of kill. Georgetown, Horry, Marion, and Williamsburg counties only On WMA lands in Game Zone 4 open for bear hunting, weapons used to hunt bear are limited to the weapons that are allowed for the current open season for deer on each WMA. What Weapons Are Permitted?


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