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In the mids, it served as a hangout for teens in St. The Orpheum Theater opened in with soaring ceilings built in the Beaux-Arts architectural style. When the Tillamook lighthouse was in operation, conditions for workers were notoriously rough, and one lighthouse keeper even allegedly went insane. But alas, its location on the border put it betwixt and between two states, neither of which were willing to cede control. Bannerman was a munitions dealer and stored goods in the castle. It was one of the first public-health hospitals in the country to employ a full-time female physician, Dr. Today, it emerges like a fossilized, graffiti-covered relic from Devil’s Slide, a sandy bluff just steps away from the Pacific Coast Highway.

The Most Fascinating Abandoned Places In The United States.Abandoned Places You Can Visit in the US

Most rental car companies do not allow driving this road with your rental vehicle not even when it has high clearance! Today, you can see the remains of Santa Claus, Arizona behind a barbed wire fence. Inspire your bucket list spinner.


– The Most Fascinating Abandoned Places In The United States


The place of worship at the forefront was part of an incredibly large nine-story gothic-style complex featuring a theater, corporate offices, a gym, a Sunday school and a dining hall.

Maintenance costs became too much to bear for the colossal sanctuary, and in , it was forced to close and left to decay. This deserted amusement park in Louisiana first opened as Jazzland in , and then two years later it reopened as Six Flags New Orleans. In , Hurricane Katrina made landfall, flooding the property in seven feet of saltwater for more than a month. Some attractions were salvaged, but most were declared a total loss and the park closed indefinitely.

Over the years, there were different redevelopment proposals all of which fell through , and in the summer of , mayor LaToya Cantrell announced that the city would explore the possibility of demolishing the site. Glenrio is a historic ghost town along Route 66 on the Texas – New Mexico border.

The abandoned railroad town, formerly called Rock Island, was founded in In fact, it is smack-dab in the middle of a desert. Because Glenrio was in two states, business was a little wonky too. At one point, people would only gas up on the Texas side because it had lower fuel prices, but the Texas side was in a dry county, so all the bars were built in New Mexico. Eventually, the railroad shut down and Interstate 40 went up, hitting Glenrio where it hurts. Packard Automotive Plant was an impressive car factory back in its day.

The 3. While manufacturing honed in on luxury vehicles most of the time, production temporarily halted during World War I and II to help assemble plane and naval engines for the U. Packard went out of business in and laid off its last caretaker just two years later, though the space was occupied by other businesses until the last tenant left in Three years later, international developer Fernando Palazuelo bought the property and is working on revitalizing it.

The villa was named after prospector and conman Walter Scott, who allegedly bamboozled Chicago millionaire Albert Johnson into investing in a fake gold mine. Apparently Johnson was mad at first, but not for long. Then in the stock market crashed, construction stopped and Johnson realized the land he had been building on was actually owned by Death Valley National Park. Though he was able to later buy the land, his insurance company went bankrupt and he was unable to finish the project.

Bodie started as a mining camp in after William S. Bodey discovered silver and gold in the area. He reportedly died in a blizzard a month later.

By the s, thousands migrated to the town and tons of buildings went up, including a Wells Fargo Bank, four fire stations, newspapers, opium dens, a rail depot, a jail and a whopping 65 saloons. Rumor has it that shootouts, murders, bar fights and robberies were commonplace. The last mine closed in , but the location can now be visited as a state park.

Penn Hills in Analomink, Pennsylvania , was a resort for honeymooning couples until The Pocono Mountains getaway was first founded as a tavern in before growing by a hundred rooms with floor-to-ceiling carpeting, round beds and heart-shaped bathtubs in the s.

Outside the villas, newlyweds could use the ski resort, golf course and a bell-shaped swimming pool or take part in archery, skating and tennis. Employees were never issued their final paychecks and the resort fell into the hands of of Monroe County due to unpaid back taxes. Although the smallpox vaccine was readily available at this point in time, the Big Apple often experienced outbreaks, some of which were attributed to infected immigrants.

These skeletons of the past could be sets for the next Coen Brothers Western—and at least one has already inspired a chilling horror flick. Hell, some ghost towns are reported to have literal ghosts roaming through the wreckage. Once bustling with riches and rascals, these 14 hamlets are now eerily desolate. You can visit most of them today, but be careful what you touch. Many are so perfectly preserved—furniture, dishes, and more exactly where they were left—that they feel like dusty time capsules from a century ago.

All that glitters may not be gold, but it can still make you a fortune. They formed what was then called the Utah Copper Company in Within a few years—and with the help of J. By , however, the copper supply was running low enough that the mines shuttered. The iconic red mill on the hill spans 14 stories above a glacier and can be explored by visitors who take the official Kennecott Mill Town Tour.

Founded in , St. Elmo was once a highfalutin gold mining town and popular whistle-stop on the Pacific Railroad. It had almost 2, residents and more than mines—plus enough inns and dance halls to keep everybody in town happily cutting a rug. When the Alpine Tunnel closed in , however, the music stopped. With the price of silver already down, the last remaining rail service stopped in The dedicated few that stuck around suffered another loss 30 years later when the postmaster died and postal service was discontinued, further sequestering them from civilization.

Despite numerous fires charring the canyon over the years, St. Several original structures are still intact, providing an unfiltered glimpse into life during the mining boom one big exception is the town hall, which had to be rebuilt in following a particularly destructive blaze.

Most tourists stop in during warmer months when St. Elmo comes to life, but some prefer to visit in the wintertime when roads and trails are truly abandoned. Like a straight-up Western movie set, Bodie is one of the most famous and the largest unreconstructed ghost towns in America. Established in when William S. Bodey discovered gold in the area, the original camp of around 20 miners mushroomed to some 10, during the California Gold Rush—roughly the same population as Los Angeles.

By , the town consisted of 2, buildings , including roughly restaurants. As the gold vanished, so did the townsfolk. There are various ways for visitors to experience the hauntings first-hand, from two-hour guided tours to private paranormal investigations. Often considered one of the world’s most romantic restaurants, One if by Land, Two if by Sea has all the makings of a perfect evening: gold chandeliers, fireside tables, upper-crust cuisine…and about 20 ghosts. The spirits are reportedly more playful than malicious—paranormal activities are classic phantom pranks like flickering lights, tilting picture frames, and moving plates.

Some of the most famous apparitions include a woman dressed in black who walks down the staircase and a Ziegfeld follies girl. Other people claim that Aaron Burr haunts the restaurant—it was his carriage house back in the day, after all. Sadly, there are no reports of him performing any songs from the Hamilton soundtrack. The heavily forested Pine Barrens spans over 1 million acres and seven counties in New Jersey.

The area thrived during the Colonial period, host to sawmills, paper mills, and other industries. People eventually abandoned the mills and surrounding villages when coal was discovered to the west in Pennsylvania, leaving behind ghost towns —and, some say, a few supernatural wanderers.

The most popular Pine Barrens resident is without a doubt the Jersey Devil. According to legend , the creature was born in to Deborah Leeds her 13th child with leathery wings, a goat’s head, and hooves. It flew up the Leeds’ chimney and into the Barrens, where it has reportedly been killing livestock—and creeping out South Jersey residents—ever since. Oregonian pioneers Henry and Georgiana Pittock decided to build their dream house when they reached their golden years, in , spurring the innovative design and construction of the Pittock Mansion.

Unfortunately, the couple only got to enjoy their home for a few years before passing away—Georgiana in and Henry in The building is now a public landmark where some strange occurrences have been reported, such as the smell of roses Georgiana’s favorite bloom filling a room with no flowers in it, and a childhood painting of Henry moving, on its own, from spot to spot within the house.

Clearly, death was not enough of a reason for the Pittocks to vacate their beloved home. Established in as a brothel for miners during the Klondike Gold Rush, Alaska’s Red Onion Saloon had a feature that set it apart from other bordellos: It used dolls to help run its business. Always a good sign. Every day, 10 dolls would be placed on the bar downstairs, each one representing one of the ladies working in the upstairs rooms.

A customer would choose one of the dolls, at which point it was laid down on the bar to indicate that particular worker was occupied. When the customer came back downstairs, the doll would be returned to her sitting position to let other potential clients know she was available.

Fast-forward to , when the Red Onion Saloon still operates as a bar and restaurant yep, the dolls are still on display , and offers tours of the upstairs rooms, which are preserved as a sort of makeshift brothel museum.

As if licentious dolls weren’t creepy enough, there are reports of Lydia—a former madam of the brothel—haunting the site, complete with cold spots and lingering smells of perfume wafting through the halls. During that time, it was the site of at least one murder, a sailor being crushed to death by a door in the engine room, and children drowning in the pool.

The city of Long Beach purchased the ship in and turned it into a hotel, and it still serves that purpose today—although the reported ghosts of the deceased passengers get to stay for free. For an extra dose of spine-tingling experiences, see if you can visit the ship’s engine room, which is considered by many to be a «hotbed» of paranormal activity.

But come nightfall, you’d have to be something of a daredevil to enter its myth-ridden grounds. When construction workers started renovating the church in , they unearthed bones, nails, and tattered military uniforms near the altar, which some believe belonged to three soldiers of the Alamo. Since the disturbing incident, visitors have reported shadowy figures and orbs in their photographs, as well as ghosts in the back of the church itself.

Such otherworldly inhabitants include a man dressed in black and figures in hooded, monk-like clothing. Built in to help ships reach Connecticut’s Sheffield Island a minute ferry ride from South Norwalk , this room, Victorian-style lighthouse has a bit of a troubled past.

The mines closed in and the town was abandoned by Rhyolite used to be one of the most crowded towns in the Death Valley area, with a red light district, a hospital, a school for children, 50 saloons, and a three story bank considered a very tall building for its time. The abandoned town has been restored multiple times for Western movies over the years.

If you visit Rhyolite now, you’ll see the remains of the bank, the town jail, and the restored Bottle House , a house made from 50, glass beer bottle bottoms. The original architect Tom Kelly built his house out of beer bottles because there were not many other construction materials in the desert town.

Bannerman Castle was built on Pollepel Island by the wealthy military goods salesman Francis Bannerman, who bought the island in In , he began construction on his extravagant Scottish-style castle. Bannerman lived in the castle with his wife during the summers, and also used his new home as a military weapons arsenal. In , Francis Bannerman died, and in , Bannerman Castle was practically destroyed in a gunpowder explosion.

Between that accident and arsonists setting fires over the years, the castle’s facade was ruined. Today, you can take a tour of the island through a kayaking tour or hard hat walking tour.

In the early 20th century, Waverly Hills was built as a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. The sanatorium was in use before doctors had found a cure for the disease, so over the years, thousands of patients allegedly died painful deaths from experimental treatments. Waverly Hills was also the site of two suicides that both took place in the same room. The hospital finally closed in and today the building is known, unsurprisingly, as one of the most haunted places on earth.

Many visitors have reported eerie ghost sightings and other paranormal activities. Waverly Hills has been featured on dozens of ghost hunter TV shows. If you’re brave enough, you can schedule a tour of the sanatorium. Alabama’s first state capital was a thriving town along the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers in the early 19th century. Alabama officials soon realized that Cahawba was not the best location for the state government headquarters because the area was prone to flooding, and the capital was moved for safety reasons.

During the Civil War , the Confederate government ripped up Cahawba’s railroad and seized control of the town as a central location for Union prisoners. After the war, a flood destroyed much of the town, and it was abandoned. The three-story train terminal opened in , and at the time, it was the tallest railroad station in the world, with foot ceilings, chandeliers and foot Corinthian columns.

By the s, train travel had diminished , railroads were closing all over the country, and the number of passengers out of Michigan Central Station had dwindled. After Amtrak’s attempt to revitalize the station in , demolition was held off for a few years. In , the last train left the depot, and Michigan Central Station was quickly abandoned. It became a site of vandalism and theft until the city built a barbed wire fence in In , the station was set to be demolished , but the historic building was saved.

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park closed in The now-abandoned amusement park was built on the site of a Native American burial ground and the brutal massacre of the Clay family in by a group of Native Americans. In the s, the old Clay family farm was purchased by businessman Conley T.

Snidow, who developed it into a small amusement park with a swing set, Ferris wheel, and swimming pond. After six guests were killed over the years, Lake Shawnee closed for good in The rusty remains of the park’s rides are still standing and every year during the week leading up to Halloween, you can take a flashlight tour of the supposedly haunted area. The largest abandoned subway system in America is underneath Cincinnati.

In , plans were developed for a mile, city-wide subway system with six stops. The underground tunnels were completed by , but economic issues slowed the subway system’s development until the project was abandoned completely in Today, the abandoned subway tunnels are sealed off to the public, but occasionally the city will hold tours of the desolate stations. Bodie is a gold mining ghost town that’s now a designated historic landmark. In the late 19th century, Bodie was a booming town with nearly 10, residents, 65 saloons, gambling halls, brothels, and opium dens.

Today, you can visit the buildings of Bodie that are in a perpetual state of «arrested decay,» and maintained by the state of California.

Nicknamed «Terrible Tilly,» this lighthouse off the coast of Oregon was in operation from until This ghost town was once a great mining area until the underground coal fires started in This now-abandoned town inspired the horror movie Silent Hill with its eerie existence or should I say non-existence?

The town has been burning for over 50 years and is condemned. The zip code of Centralia has been eliminated! If you visit today, you can still see the smoke seeping out of the earth in certain spots. The abandoned route 61 has become a sightseeing spot known as the graffiti highway. To get to Centralia, you can take Pennsylvania highways 54 and 61, and Centralia is just 2 miles north of Ashland.

When you come to the point where the highway has been rerouted due to the fire, park your vehicle and look around at the old highway. You should be able to see smoke coming from the larger cracks in the asphalt. For this road trip , bring your picnic basket or stop in Ashland for your dinner because nothing is open in Centralia! The Kennicott Mine in the settlement of Kennicott, Alaska, used to be the largest copper mine of the state.

Due to its remote location high up in the wilderness of Wrangell St. Elias National Park and after years of service, it eventually lost its value since the transportation to the coast took forever and copper could be found cheaper elsewhere. These days, the old mill building is accessible by a guided tour that will take around hrs. Other activities nearby include glacier hiking, rafting, and ice climbing among other adventurous things to do in Alaska.

Indeed, Alaska is famous for hosting some of the best outdoor experiences in the US. As a mining ghost town, Kennicott Mine is located in the heart of Wrangell St. Elias National Park and looks out over the massive Root Glacier. Most rental car companies do not allow driving this road with your rental vehicle not even when it has high clearance! When it comes to the creepiest place in America, no one can miss Bannack Ghost town because of its paranormal stories. This old mining town is located near Grasshopper Creek in Montana.

To enter Bannack, follow the easiest way to reach there. From Dillon, you can take the Interstate highway route to quickly reach your destination. It was famous as a mining town but then moved towards a visiting place and gradually, the town got empty from the residences before Now, visitors come to explore the unlocked buildings.

The Masonic Lodge Old school buildings having antique desks. Hotel Meade was the first brick court that converted into a hotel.


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