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Best way to find abandoned places
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How to Find an Abandoned Property Look Around the Neighborhood. Well the answer is in the question itself! Start looking from the nearest place, the Ask Around the Neighborhood. If . A good way of discover an abandoned buildings is simply frequent driving a car. Just carefully look around the city to find potential objects. If we will drive outside the city, the highways are . Abandoned Places Near YOU. Discover abandoned places, shipwrecks, mansions, ghost towns, and everything in between near you.

– How to Find Abandoned Places Near Me To Take Photos

The following are popular types of photos to take in these locations. Keep an eye on your local newspaper, or even the national press. Create an account. Upon further research I found that nearly every single Nike missile base was listed and categorized online. This way you can safely keep your eyes on the road while driving.


– Best way to find abandoned places


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You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Necessary Necessary. Google will alert you anytime a keyword phrase is mentioned online. Not everyone secures their personal Google maps, sometimes they get shared incorrectly, or a just made public by who ever made them.

Once public, they get indexed by Google. By typing site:google. I have found nearly a half dozen exploring maps that were public. The great thing is, you can easily download the KML file in case the owner deletes it. Below you can see that there are a little over 14, public maps. Not all of these are related to exploring, but this has definitely helped me come across some very detailed and accurate maps of drains, shipwrecks, and abandonments by other explorers.

If you really want to put on your detective hat and this might be going a bit overboard you can find out the financial status of any property. If you cannot physically check it out in person or use any of the other methods you can check to see if the property owes a lot in backtaxes. This is the same strategy real estate investors use to get information on land and buildings. If you did it right, you should have a map and a bunch of lot numbers. Learn how to uncover more abandoned places and the techniques used to capture their beauty.

Vendor List Privacy Policy. Abandoned Superfund Sites. Leverage Your Contacts. Abandoned Places On Wikipedia. Get Cozy With A Realtor. Set A Google Alert. Related posts:. If you want more details, click on the photo itself and it will open up on a new page.

There you can see more information about it. Such as when the photo was taken, by who, and any comments about it. So click on their profile page and check out their other photos. They might have some more photos from different locations in your area that are also geotagged. This profile browsing method has helped me find so many abandoned buildings near me. There are hundreds more you can go through.

You can also search through other groups by simply using a different keyword. My coolest find was a pair of abandoned schools near me that were fully reclaimed by nature. Like ShotHotSpot for example. Photographers everywhere love sharing their work online for the world to see. Photo-sharing websites have popped up over the years to cater to these people.

One such site is ShotHotSpot. This website is primarily used to help photographers find cool places to photograph. One of those filters includes the ability to show places that are abandoned. The site is updated all the time by photographers so new places are popping up every week.

Click on any pin-points on the map that appear and see what info you can find on the locations that pop up. When I got interested in urbex photography this website helped me find so many cool abandoned places near me to both photograph and explore. This is yet another quick and easy way to find places to explore. Another method I use is looking for personal blogs from urban explorers in my area.

One way they might do this is by creating a public blog. These blogs eventually get picked up by search engines like Google or Bing and show up in the search results making them easy to find. This helps other explorers, like yourself, find the place and get a chance to visit it before its demolished.

Some bloggers like to create public location databases of abandoned places and share them with their readers. Below are 3 examples of urbex blogs that include location information on the places they explore. Centered mostly around Ontario, Canada, the man behind Freaktography is a professional photographer and urban explorer.

He documents abandoned buildings through his amazing photography skills. Not in all of them, but a good portion do have the name of the place somewhere on the page. Another blog that discloses location info on places they explore is DetroitUrbex.

The blog is focused on abandoned places in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit is famous among urban explorers as the city experienced mass population loss unlike any other city in America.

So many blogs from explorers in Detroit have popped up over the years but not many publish the location information of abandoned places. There are some things you can do to improve your chances. Get permission before accessing a building.

If you choose not to do so, any risks you undertake are yours. There are several options open to you here. Finding the owner of the building and asking is not always easy. Have you explored abandoned places before? What were your experiences? Was it easy or difficult to gain access to the abandoned building?

We would love to hear your experiences on finding abandoned places near you. Feel free to share your thoughts and photographs in the comments section of this article. Share with friends Share. Clicking on the yellow person icon in the bottom right corner will show you any available street-level images as well, which can provide you with helpful hints about whether the place is vacant and ripe for exploration. Be sure to use the satellite view, 3D and Street View tools to provide the most accurate picture of the area.

Large rivers are another feature that once fostered major commercial and industrial districts that have since fallen into vacancy and disrepair.

You may also find ports, power plants and other infrastructure that are no longer being used and might be worth exploring. While it may seem that large cities are the best places to find urbex sites, rural communities offer equally appealing opportunities, as their economies tend to be less resilient than highly-populated metropolitan areas. Rural farm communities may offer deteriorating barns or abandoned grain silos that are interesting sites to explore.

As you take a closer look at these locations, keep an eye out for obvious signs that a site is likely abandoned:.


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