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– Cheap cheap wedding venues


We recommend going all-inclusive. These packages include everything for a complete celebration, from wedding decorations to food, provided by the venue. By choosing one, you can get amazing deals and discounts instead of visiting vendors one by one.

You can also check elopement packages provided by various venues if you want to get married fast and cheaply! Most wedding reception venues make their pricing per hour. Traditionally, most receptions last between 5 to 6 hours, with different activities taking place each hour.

So, shortening your wedding reception by one or two hours can help your wedding budget a lot. You can remove some of the activities from the traditional schedule and add whatever you want. Every wedding and every couple has different needs and preferences. If you want to get more information about wedding reception programs and more, this article could be a perfect read for you: A Complete Guide to Planning a Personalized Wedding Reception.

Find a venue that allows bringing your own alcohol. These types of venues are typically called BYO venues, and you can find out whether they have such a policy on their WeddingHero’s profile pages or by asking the venue when you’re taking a tour of the space.

Bringing your own liquor cuts costs greatly, and for that reason, many budget-savvy couples choose to serve from their own bar at their reception. You should decide what kind of bar type you’ll create -open or limited- and what you’ll serve — beer, wine, cocktails, liquors, etc. Then it would be best if you started stocking it by tracking the discounts and deals.

Wedding decorations make up a large part of the wedding budget. They can be everything from wedding flowers to table cloths. So, finding a venue that is already beautifully decorated and has all the basic items you need will contribute to your budget a lot.

Some of these venues might be your favourite restaurant, nearby banquet hall or ballroom. The types of venues that are experienced in hosting weddings will probably have more of what you need, such as cutlery, chairs, linens, glassware — the list goes on.

With one or two cheap wedding decorations here and there, such as flowers and centrepieces, you can easily elevate your venue. We saved one of the most important pieces of information for last. Most couples choose to hold their ceremony at a church and their reception at a different reception venue in Canada.

But this might not be the most budget-friendly option for many couples. If you want to minimize your expenses, we strongly suggest finding a relatively cheap wedding venue that will both host your ceremony and reception. By doing this, you also won’t have transportation expenses since you won’t have to move your guests to a different location. Beautiful lakes, a big amount of wilderness, some of the most visited attraction of Canada, including Niagara Falls, Ontario offers some of the best outdoor settings for a fairytale wedding.

You can find many relatively cheap wedding ceremony and reception venues to choose from in this area. Start now since you want to have enough time to evaluate several of cheap wedding venue options. If you’re stuck asking yourself, «how can I find cheap wedding venues near me in Toronto? Using the tips we’ve listed above, you can easily book many relatively cheap luxury wedding venues! Alberta’s largest city, Calgary, offers beautiful views, fantastic national parks, quiet rural parts where people can enjoy themselves and relax.

You can easily find many relatively cheap garden venues and other types of ceremony and reception venues in this culturally and historically rich city! Vancouver is a perfect place to throw your wedding with its amazing urban beaches and gorgeous mountain backdrops, busy cultural life, and mild temperatures throughout the year. This city offers you everything you could need at affordable rates, from beachfront restaurants to rustic barns and cottages!

With its amazing dining scene, museums and fantastic national parks, Ottawa offers a wide range of affordable venues. Be it an elegant ballroom or a lakeside restaurant; you can find everything you want in Ottawa! That’s it for this article. Now that you’ve got all the info, you’re ready to start looking for a wedding venue that fits your budget.

For a group of 35 or fewer, settle into the property and fill your wedding weekend with kayaking, biking, and long nights under the stars on the back deck. Of course, there are few things to consider. And through her industry connections, Aronne found the perfect location for their nuptials—her boss, Jung Lee’s , stunning backyard in Kent, Connecticut.

With a gorgeous backdrop for their ceremony and the most beautiful tent set up on the lawn for dinner, this backyard wedding left no detail untouched.

One couple opted to say «I do» on the 17th-century farm in Maryland where the bride grew up. It was the perfect setting for their English garden-inspired celebration—plus, thanks to the acres and acres of farmland, it had more than enough space for their guests.

What do you think about partying poolside for your wedding? One real couple pulled it off flawlessly with a stunning backyard wedding at the bride’s childhood home in Kansas City.

They invited people to her parents’ home for a backyard wedding that was inspired by Father of the Bride. Who says you need to go far to tie the knot? If you hold a special place in your heart, it might just be the perfect venue. Hosting your wedding at your childhood home, or the home your partner grew up in, can add so much more meaning to the day.

When your family home is a stunning Padanaram Village property in Massachusetts, you don’t have to go far to tie the knot in a gorgeous setting. Real couple Maddy and Andrew both had ties to the New England area, and Maddy dreamed of showing off the important place she considered her own summer oasis to friends and family. With a stunning harbor backdrop for the ceremony and a lovely dinner set up on the lawn, this wedding brought together the perfect balance of nostalgic childhood memories and a toast to the future.

Wedding planner Alicia Fritz wanted to evoke the feeling of a welcoming atmosphere when it came to her wedding. What better way to fill a house with love and laughter than to invite all of your closest friends and family to celebrate your big day? Alicia and Matt’s wedding kicked off with lawn games at their Michigan home, followed by a ceremony by the property’s fern-covered forest, and a reception under a black tent on the lawn.

Annie Starke and Marc Albu knew they wanted to tie the knot at Annie’s childhood home from the very beginning of planning their wedding. Located in Bedford Hills, New York, the couple held onto so many memories of the property, and they knew it would be the perfect place to bring together family and friends to celebrate.

The ceremony was held beneath apple trees on the property, followed by a tented dinner set amongst a stunning wildflower field.

Of course, booking a venue that’s actually on the beach is doable, but it may come with a hefty price tag. Consider asking friends or family members who have access to beaches to help you out, or look for a vacation rental on the beach that will allow an intimate gathering. The beauty of a beach wedding is that it has the potential not to cost a penny at all when it comes to venue fees.

This real couple asked a friend if they could have access to a remote private beach on Rockells Bay in New Zealand for their wedding. With a ceremony on the water and a champagne toast and picnic on the sand, this beachside wedding was such a stunning day, without a huge bill. If you’re lucky enough to have beach access from your childhood home, why not use it as the perfect backdrop for your nuptials? Real bride Lauren Schaper knew from the age of seven years old that’s what she wanted to do, and she made it happen when she married her partner.

With a ceremony on the beach and a tented reception on the lawn of this family home, this South Carolina wedding made perfect use of easy beach access for a gorgeous wedding. If you’re lucky enough to have access to a family beach house in Mexico, it may be the perfect answer to planning a destination wedding.

Often, destination beachside weddings come with venue fees, or at least the rental of an Airbnb. But with this option, the couple didn’t need to factor venue costs into their beachside wedding at all. Getting married at a courthouse can sometimes get a bad rap, but there are some stunning architectural options out there.

And we are totally here for them. Get married for next to nothing, and set up a photoshoot on the front steps or lawn of the courthouse to commemorate the day. The Santa Barbara Courthouse is a stunning, historical spot to host a wedding. Built in , the Spanish-Moorish architecture provides the perfect background for your nuptials, surrounded by beautifully maintained lawns and gardens.

The Beverly Hills Courthouse is the perfect option for a couple looking for a quick elopement option in style. The courthouse boasts stunning architecture, along with a volunteer marriage ceremony program that schedules volunteers who truly want to be part of your special day to perform your ceremony. And when the ceremony is done, you can head out to meet your photographer to capture stunning photos on the front steps. Of course, libraries are a special venue option for the couple who loves literature.

But, libraries have the potential to offer something special to everyone, as some of these historic options are simply beaming with historic charm and elegance. With space for to , depending on seating, the George Peabody Library at John Hopkins University in Maryland is absolutely dreamy. Host your wedding amongst the stacks in this storybook setting. The Boston Public Library is world-renowned as a beautiful wedding venue, and with that title can certainly come increased venue fees.

Luckily, this library setting offers several room options for rentals, ranging in price. Providence Public Library in Rhode Island offers the most stunning early s architecture to host your nuptials. With marble flooring and hand-carved details, this space is absolutely spectacular. And with a capacity for to guests, you won’t have to leave anybody off the guest list. Beaming with architectural and artistic charm, museums are another unique option when it comes to wedding venues.

Transport yourself to another world, depending on the space you book. But with these options, be sure to consider that there may be quite a few venue rules to follow.

The Cleveland Museum of Art was founded in , offering a space to showcase a vast collection of art. It’s also the perfect place to host your nuptials, offering multiple spaces for a ceremony including The Ames Family Atrium, as well as an on-site restaurant and private banquet room. The American Visionary Arts Museum offers multiple dreamy locations throughout the property to host a beautiful wedding. Hoping for a restaurant setting instead? The on-property restaurant also boasts an outdoor terrace for ceremonies.

What better place to host an outdoor wedding than a gorgeous sculpture park, right? Located in Lincoln, Massachusetts, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is the perfect wedding location for the couple that loves art and the outdoors. Located in downtown Detroit, the Detroit Institute of the Arts was constructed in The early s architecture still stands tall, beaming with historic charm throughout multiple beautiful spaces for a ceremony and reception.

The Walter B. Restaurants are often overlooked as wedding venues, but they can truly offer something special. Many restaurants design their spaces to accommodate large groups, whether they offer a private patio or a banquet room, or they allow a full buy-out. And the beauty of those minimums is that sometimes it may be the only fee you’re required to pay, rather than a rental fee on top of it.

Coohills restaurant , located in downtown Denver, has multiple options for any group size from 30 to 60 or guests.

The beauty of the minimum is that there is no venue fee, and any dinner and drink orders go toward the minimum.

Coohills even does wedding cakes, which will apply to hit your minimum as well. If you’re considering a restaurant wedding with a food and beverage minimum, be sure to check if you can incorporate dessert into your minimum to ultimately cut down on outside costs. Often, restaurants may have a pastry chef on-site to accommodate the request. Want the same vibe of a winery wedding without a huge expense?

City Winery in D. Starting off as more of a hostel alternative, it has evolved to include luxurious urban lofts and properties big enough to house a small army. You can search by your zip code to find venues in your area. Remember, finding your unique wedding space takes some creative thinking.

Charity event, festival, conference, and, believe it or not, memorial, were words that turned up some super cool spaces for me. Zoom out to include more of your local area. When you widen your search, you open yourself up to a whole host of more options!

Found on Splacer , this amazing space is a dance studio by day and a reception hall by night. Talk about a score. Natural Retreats is a vacation home rental service located in some strategic and beautiful parts of the country. Being as they are luxury homes within some beautiful natural landscapes , they are quite expensive if you were to rent it for a vacation.

But search around and then contact an owner to see if you can rent their place for just a couple days, using it strictly for your wedding venue. Google can be a real help in locating unique wedding venues if you know how to search. Can you imagine walking down that aisle?!

For instance, some keywords that may prove to be valuable in your search include:. Browse wedding blogs for events that took place in the area you want to get married and check out their venues. You can search our archives here on The Budget Savvy Bride by state. Browse Real Weddings by Location. Knowing your cost and capacity limits will significantly narrow down your wedding venue search and save you loads of time. Sandy Hammer, the co-founder of the free wedding planning marketplace AllSeated , shares her top 5 essential keys to finding your ideal venue below:.

Do you want a sit-down dinner or buffet? Maybe a cocktail hour with your favorite small plates and a Viennese table for dessert? Will your reception be outdoors? Are you looking for specific seating styles and linens?

To get the most accurate proposal and pricing , you have to outline and communicate all these details to the venue. Even though no bride likes to think about it, bad weather happens to us all. Even though the chance of you using having to use the Plan B is small, knowing that there is a just-in-case plan in place will help you be much calmer on the day of your affair.


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